10 ways to maintain your health while traveling !

I┬árecently travelled to Mackinac Island, Michigan with family of 6 and honestly, I felt little overwhelmed. Although I planned ahead and schedule activities for each day at the Island still it’s life and things might not go as well as you plan. From all the travelling I have done so far, I have learnt following essential routines to stay healthy during your travels and get the most out of it.

1. Plan ahead ! Not only you plan ahead what to expect during your travel but also what to wear, what to eat and how much to rest in between. From getting initial booking done for your trip to packing eseentials everything has to be planned indetail to assure your sanity. This way you will be more organized and prepared for your trip. Planning ahead reduces stress and gives you reassurance.

2. Sleep your night away ! Experts say that our body needs atleast 6-8 hrs of rest and sleep at night. In addition to it if you are traveling you might want to take nap or quiet time inbetween your day. You would feel rejuvinated again after even 20-30 min of rest during the day.

3. Drink a lot of water ! Average adult should drink about 8 glasses of water a day but when you are travelling you might want to increase water by 2-3 glasses to ensure your body is hydrated enough. This way if you do not have access to water for few hours while you are traveling there is less chance of getting dehydrated.

4. Eat lot of veggies and rainbow foods ! Your energy and your mood has direct association to what you had at lunch! after big heavy , greasy , sugary meal you might feel low in energy and would feel tired as your body is using all your energy trying to digest what you just had. Instead of going after sugary or greasy indulgences, choose light meal full of rainbow vegetables to give you body essential nutrients and keep your energy level high.

5. Avoid overdrinking ! Drinking a glass or two of wine could be more fun with friends and family when you are on vacation but binge drinking can jeopardize your vacation. Not to mention after effect of binge drinking can cause headaches and severe hangover to ruin your entire day.

6. Choose physical activities ! Physical activities like walking, hiking, cycling could be very rejuvenating on vacation. Not only it keeps you active but also beneficial in burning few extra calories if you had overeaten your last meal. Long travels which involves sitting for more than couple hours can result in development of blood clots specially if you have any risk factors like smoking history, oral contraceptive use etc. It is specially important to keep moving and stretching every couple of hours on long travels.

7. Adopt meditation or yoga! If you adopt meditation or yoga in your travel routine it will help clear your mind from stress and gives you more satisfactory feeling. Just taking few moments in your routine to relax or listen to the music would do miracles.

8. Take vitamins and supplements ! While traveling your body is exposed to many germs and stresses so it is importance to take your vitamins specially vitamic C to boost up your immune system. 9. Drink hot green tea ! We all know benefits of drinking hot tea. using Mint green tea after meals help with digestion. Using echinacea tea helps with respiratory system and using chamomile tea at night helps with good night sleep. Try any of these teas or try different flavors to boost up your digestion and immune system while traveling.

10. Enjoy ! Last but not least is just relax and enjoy where ever you are leaving all worries of life behind !

Share with us your travel experiences. I would love to hear about it !


Dr.Sharma is a Board certified medical Doctor who has special interest in natural holistic approach to health and healing. She uses nutrition therapies, tailored supplements and mind body modalities in her day to day clinical practice. Her mission is to spread wellness through mindful living and healthy eating ! She wants to spread awareness about power of natural products in body and Mind healing. Join her mission today !

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