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VectorNotes is not only a notepad, but can also be used as a Notepad Enhanced Description editor. To access this feature, highlight all the text in the edit box, and choose “Save with Notepad Enhanced Description”.
Use it to save only the text in the edit box. If this feature is selected, your edit will be saved with the “Notepad Enhanced Description” feature. A full description of the “Notepad Enhanced Description” feature is available at
■ “Keep Current Date”: if checked, the system date will be auto-copied to the edit box.
The original format for the edit box is a monospace font (8 point or bold), with whitespace between words.
This application does not require admin rights.
■ To use the “VectorNotes”, you will need the MS Notepad “Enhanced Description” feature. This feature is only available on Windows 2000/NT.
There is no written tutorial available at this time. If you need assistance, please send me an email.=1}^{k-1} \frac{(k-1)!}{(n_1-1)!\cdots (n_j-1)!\cdots (n_k-1)!}

otag \\
\qquad\qquad \times \frac{1}{(k-1)!} \left(n_k \sum_{n
e k} \frac{1}{n-k} + \sum_{n
e k} \frac{1}{n-k} (k-1) \right)
&= 2 \sum_{k=2}^{n-1} \frac{(k-1)!}{(n_1-1)!\cdots (n_k-1)!\cdots (n-1)!} \frac{1}{(k-1)!} \sum_{n
e k} \frac{1}{n-k}.\end{aligned}$$ We can also find a formula for $S_{k,l}$ by setting $n_1=\cdots=n_k=l$ and $n_{k+1}=\cdots=n_l=1$: $$\begin{aligned}
S_{k,l} &= (k-1)! \sum9670d34096

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Implementation of “top-level” callback routines for “patching” the contents
of.tpir files. The implementation is generic and should be called from
_cdecl calls only (e.g. CF_DLL functions).

Each patch is stored as an array of bytes. Each byte represents a
block in the file and has two fields. The first field is the byte
value, the second field is a hexadecimal value representing a file
offset into the file. The final byte is reserved and may be used to
pad the entire patch array if needed.

The “size” of the patch is defined as the number of bytes in the array.
Each patch is “valid” until the next patch is encountered. There is no
limitation on the total number of patches. The “offset” of the patch is
defined as the position in the file where the patch should be appended.
In addition, the “offset” will be incremented by the size of the patch
(minus the size of the reserved byte).

The patch is added by calling _cdecl SDL_LoadPNG_AddPatching() with a
pointer to a set of patches and the maximum patch size, in bytes. The
pointer is not copied and so is valid until the next patch is added.
The patches should be in the same order as the “opts” parameter to

\sa SDL_LoadPNG()
typedef struct
size_t size;
size_t offset;
Uint8 *patches;
} SDL_TpPatch;
typedef SDL_TpPatch *SDL_TpPatchBuf;

extern void *SDL_LoadPNG_AddPatching(SDL_RWops *src, size_t size);
extern int SDL_SavePNG_AddPatching(SDL_RWops *dst, const void *src, size_t size);

/* vi: set ts=4 sw=


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