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Sep 4, 2010
UPDATE COMPLETE., Ubisoft,. I got my crack and was able to play on pc on a true offline mode on my ps3 on skidrow in EFT.. Can some on pc users guide me in how to download and install the skidrow.
. I used to have Skidrow DRM Crack and it was working fine until I updated to Gold edition. Anyone have any experience with.code,
spikeData.eventArray.length – 1)
.then(() => this.showTrace(traceEventId, traceEventInfo, message))
.catch(error => this.showError(error, traceEventId, message));
} else {
this.showError(error, traceEventId, message);

private getTraceEventId(event: IReactiveArray) {
if (event.arrayType === ArrayType.SOFTEVENT) {
return this.ui.element.getAttribute(‘data-event-id’) || 0;
return this.ui.element.getAttribute(‘data-event-id’);

private getTraceEventInfo(event: IReactiveArray) {
if (event.arrayType === ArrayType.SOFTEVENT) {
const info = event.eventArray[0];
if (info && {
return info;
return event;

private getTraceError(error: IReactiveArray>>) {
if (error.arrayType === ArrayType.ERROR) {
const errorArray: IReactiveArray> = error.eventArray;
for (let i = errorArray.array.length – 1; i >= 0; i–) {
if (i > 0 && errorArray.array[i] && errorArray.array


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