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Sort My Photos! For Windows 8.1 Crack+ [Updated] 2022

Organize your photos and videos in a way that’s useful to you. Sort My Photos! is a tool to help you get organized.
Based on the EXIF data available, Sort My Photos! organizes images according to the date and the location where they were taken, and you can further refine the results by organizing them into folders.
• Organize by date and location to keep everything in order
• Quickly find duplicate photos
• Read EXIF data from JPEG or RAW images
• Preview files on your PC and Tablet
• All-in-one photo management with EXIF, GPS and IPTC information
• Export to Facebook, Flickr, Windows Live Photo Gallery, OneDrive, and more
• Share to email, iMessage and other apps
• Transfer to and from your phone
• Send to and from your camera

*** WINDOWS 8.1 (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. ***
Download the best-selling Photo app for Windows 8.1. Sort My Photos! puts an end to the hassle of managing and organizing your digital images.
Sort My Photos! is a fast and convenient photo app that helps you find your photos by sorting them according to location, date, or both.
You can also add descriptions to each photo to help you remember the place and time.
Once you have organized your photos, you can further refine your results by organizing them into different folders.
You can even use exif data to quickly find duplicates!
Sort My Photos! comes in handy when you want to quickly organize all your pictures in ascending or descending order according to the date when the photos were taken.
You can further group the items in subfolders, by days.
The app can also examine the processed files and identify the duplicates – this way, you can remove them and save space on your hard drive. Alternatively, you can copy the dupes to another location, so you can thoroughly analyze them at a later time.
Read EXIF data of each JPEG or RAW image
Sort My Photos! supports only JPEG and RAW images, while also allowing you to read the metadata from each of your pics.
In other words, you can get information such as resolution, orientation, camera model and make, as well as EXIF and GPS tags.
All in all, Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1 can prove helpful to all those who no longer want to waste time organizing the many pictures they took on their previous vacation

Sort My Photos! For Windows 8.1 Free Registration Code [Latest]

• Automatically organize images
• Sort pictures by creation date
• Find duplicates and remove the duplicates
• Write EXIF data to JPEG and RAW
• Read RAW and JPEG EXIF
• Can sort or group pictures according to created date
• Tags support
• Quickly sort images by camera, make, and model
• Adjust display modes
• Automatically deactivate when playing music
• Supports Windows 8.1
• Only supports JPEG, RAW, and EXIF data
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Sort My Photos! For Windows 8.1 Crack+ With Registration Code

Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1 is a digital photo manager designed to arrange your pictures into categories in a neat way. If you have a large collection of digital photographs, you may want to organize them into folders for easy access.
Windows 8.1 is optimized for tablet devices, and it’s time you updated your computer to enjoy all its features.
Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1 helps you to arrange all your photos in folders – arrange them by date, or by month, or any other way you find fit. It can also search for duplicates, which can be removed to save disk space.
You can also find out the EXIF data of the images. This is a good way to get information on the image dimensions, resolution and other properties.
Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1 allows you to view all the pictures as thumbnails. This means you can use your mouse to scroll through the images you have on your computer, and your finger to navigate them when you use the touchscreen.
Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1 is an easy-to-use photo organizer for Windows 8.1. It is designed to help you organize your pictures.
You can sort the photos based on the date they were taken, or you can group them into folders. Once the images are arranged according to your preferences, you can add a photo or group of them as a favorite.
Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1 is a photo organizing tool designed to help you arrange your photos in folders. This way, you can get a quick look at all your pictures in one place.

What’s new in this version:

– New: On touch, long-press a photo in the Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1’s sorting view to move to the folder where the image was taken.
– Fixed: When the application starts, the sorting view showed a list of the newest photos even if no sorting has been performed. This is no longer the case.
– Fixed: The Crop tool always removed images from the original folder even if they were in a different subfolder.
– Fixed: When the user scrolls through the photos using the touchpad, the border of the images became hard to see. This is now fixed.
– Fixed: Sometimes, the application caused errors when attempting to delete the duplicates files it identified.
– Fixed: The application sometimes showed an empty folder.

Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.

What’s New In?

Sort My Photos! neatly organizes your digital photos to make them accessible even when you are away from your computer.
Sort your images by creation date, add as many subfolders as you want, and select the type of sorting you want – by photo or by date.
Sort My Photos! examines the processing files and identifies the duplicates.
Photo organizer for Windows 8.1 by Syncios will only work on computers running Windows 8.1, so you first need to upgrade to the latest operating system to use it.
Sort My Photos! for Windows 8.1 is a free download from the program’s developer’s website.

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System Requirements For Sort My Photos! For Windows 8.1:

OS: Windows Vista and Windows 7 SP1
Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon processor
RAM: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
Video: 128 MB DirectX 9 video card (256 MB recommended)
Audio: DirectX 9 compatible sound card
Input: DirectX 9 compatible game controller with USB connection
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse: Microsoft IntelliPoint
Hard Disk: Free space approximately 1.5 GB
Networking: Broadband Internet connection required

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