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Buddies is a simple tool for you to easily access your buddy list and start a chat with your buddy list. With this tool, you can do all the tasks you do every time with your messenger and do them in one place. You can chat with your friend list with just one click.
Do not use Buddies for accessing your buddy list. It will not work.
What’s New in This Release:
· New Buddies interface
· Send Buddy Image
· Enable/disable Buddy image list
· Show/Hide Buddy list
· Remove Buddy from Buddy list
· Sort Buddy list
· Sort Buddy list by Name/Chat/Recent/Size/Subject
· Enable/disable Messages List
· Enable/disable Buddies list

Simple Installer;
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Facebook Desktop

Editors’ Review

Facebook Messenger has quickly become one of the most popular apps for sending messages and sharing content over the internet, making this update a necessity. The latest update to Facebook Messenger not only makes the app a little prettier, it also introduces a number of bug fixes and new features.

Imported message conversations are imported into the app so you can have multiple conversations with one Facebook user all in one place.

You can now create your own pages so that you can connect with your social network friends without having to do it manually. This new feature is now part of the Friends feature of the app.

In addition to these features, there have been many bug fixes so that the app should work a lot more smoothly for you. Facebook Messenger has always been a very popular app and this latest update should make it even more user friendly.

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Keymacro is a lightweight freeware program that allows users to map keystrokes to a macro, allowing the user to execute a single keyboard sequence or series of keyboard sequences.
KEYMACRO Features:
Customizable key mapping
Use any number of special characters in place of the macro text
Use any number of commands and pass parameters to them.
Attachments (.zip and.exe)
KEYMACRO has a powerful macro engine.
To create a macro, you must enter the “My Macros” menu. From there, you can create any number of macros, either for single keystrokes or for complex key combinations.
When you create a macro, you can give the macro a name and assign a key to invoke it. You can assign parameters to the macro, in the order that you wish to pass them. For example, you could enter the following macro definition:
[Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C] a = New (Filename, My, My);
This macro would cause the current document to open a new copy (a copy of the current document) called “My Documents”, with the new document selected (a variable named “a” is also created, because it is named for a parameter). The macro then passes three parameters: the name of the current document, the user and the name of the current folder. These parameters are passed in the order that they are listed.
In addition, you can have each of the various macros include different parameters. Thus, you could make a macro which opens a document, opens a new, empty file, saves the file to a new folder, and then closes the document.
You can also attach a file to a macro. You can do this by choosing the file from the “Attach” list, right-clicking the name and selecting “Attach”. When you attach a file, it will be passed to the macro with the “Attach” parameter added to the parameter list.
If you use some of the types of macros, for example “Open a Document”, the program will automatically attach the file associated with the macro to the file being opened.
You can also pass parameters to a macro from the “Parameters” list. This enables you to start a macro with any parameters that you need. For example, you could start a macro with an “Attach” parameter, a “New” parameter, and a file name.
You can also include another macro in your “Parameters” list. This lets you combine all sorts of tasks

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Buddies is a simple tool which allows users to access their chat friends.
Just start typing the first letter of your friend’s name. Buddies will use the contacts list to match your request and automatically open your chat window with your friend.

Kommunicate Messenger is a free program that works with many different instant messaging systems. You can add users from many instant messaging systems to your buddy list and you can have conversations with the friends on your list. The programs comes with a decent roster of IM services supported, including MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Jabber, and ICQ.

When you first open the program, it will open a list of all of the friends for you. From here you can start a conversation with any of your friends that you want. You can right click any of the friends to add them to your friend list.

Kommunicate Messenger is a Windows program and requires.NET Framework 2.0 or higher. The install package installs all of the dependencies.

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What’s New In Buddies?

Buddies is a powerful program for accessing your contacts from your messenger
You can use Buddies to:
– Access your contacts from:
– Instant Messengers: Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, Skype, etc.
– Email clients: Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail, Evolution, etc.
– Telephony clients: SIP, Viber, etc.
– Access your contacts from multiple accounts:
– instant messengers: Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, Skype, etc.
– email clients: Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail, Evolution, etc.
– Telephony clients: SIP, Viber, etc.
– Search for your contacts:
– Instant Messengers: Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, Skype, etc.
– Email clients: Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail, Evolution, etc.
– Telephony clients: SIP, Viber, etc.
– Open your contacts automatically (Favorites):
– instant messengers: Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, Skype, etc.
– email clients: Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail, Evolution, etc.
– Telephony clients: SIP, Viber, etc.


System Requirements For Buddies:

OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 1.8 GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB or higher
Graphics: Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Disk: 15 GB or more
Additional Notes:
You must have sufficient space to download the game and install it. Installation does take about 2GB space
You must have a separate hard disk/partition (ex: C:, D:)
You must have the latest drivers


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