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Once in a while there is a day in your life when the entire world seems to shine. And it can be the case, that you experience a day like that. That’s why this picture is for you. It is the best illustration of the kind of scenery that makes you feel good, that fills you with peace and calm. The beauty of nature is extraordinary and it will be shown in this picture. The picture will show you a beautiful panorama of your world. That is, of course, our planet Earth, but also our oceans, rivers, valleys, mountains and much more.
The picture is easy on your eyes and your nerves. It will reflect an amazing nature – just look at the sky and water, you will fall in love with this image. Mountain is a nice landscape for your PC desktop and tablet. It’s beauty has no limits. It will move you and make your time in the world of work and play meaningful and relaxing. You won’t be able to get enough of it.

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Halloween Happy Special
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— You can change the pictures at any time. You can set the pictures to be displayed randomly or in a certain order.
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Caucasus is the largest mountain range of Eurasia. This area, located in the far north of the Caucasus, is one of the most mountainous areas of the world. It has long been a destination for mountaineers. The height of the highest peak is over 3,919 meters. The area covers an area of 3,267 square kilometers. It is situated between Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.
Caucasus Mountain Screensaver pictures:
Pictures of the waterfall in the area are amazing. The water falls from the mountain peak, is very large and has a smooth and gentle flow. The shades of the trees are amazing in this natural park and the place seems enchanted.
Caucasus Mountain Waterfall Screensaver pictures:



Reminds me of my trip to Abkhazia, Republic of Georgia a couple of years ago.
P.S. I didn’t see those glaciers in Europe, but some of my friends from Georgia told me that there are some.

Caucasus Mountain:
I don’t know if it’s raining right now, but this photo looks a little cloudy.

Caucasus Mountain Screensaver pictures:
This is the waterfall in Abkhazia, the area in the south of Georgia.
It looks so refreshing, doesn’t it?



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muy bueno. lo mejor del programa

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muy bueno. lo mejor del programa



I love this screensaver! I have used it for several days. Now I have better understanding of the Caucasus as it is a part of the historic and cultural russian territory.



the mountains with the lake are very beautiful.



What’s New in the?

A very high-resolution screen saver with an attractive composition. Located in the Caucasus Mountains, the alpine peaks reach 2853 meters above sea level. In the foreground, the Zalava River flows into the Elburz Mountains. The river originates in a glacier, the Nakhichevan glacier, and descends to the Elburz Mountains in the southwest.

To the east, the Caucasus Mountains are separated by the Caspian Sea. These pictures of nature can be enjoyed in the apartment, office, or home. Caucasus Screensaver


– Suitable for any PC/SCREENSAVER
– Fading of the picture when you move the mouse
– Widescreen, 16:9 format, high resolution (HD 1080p).
– Alarm clock, sound (music and/or voice), folder, and speed control functions.
– High-quality JPEG graphics, vector format.
– Easy to install.

Special feature:

– GPU acceleration technology to ensure best performance on computers with
> NVIDIA® GeForce®
> NVIDIA® Quadro® and
> Intel® HD Graphics 3000 series graphics cards.
– Accelerated Direct2D, Direct3D or other similar graphic functions are supported.

Screensaver requires Windows® 7 and later.

Note: Please download, unzip and install the Saver, then place the file
“saver.scr” in the folders
“C:\Documents and Settings\\Desktop\” or

Screen Saver Free is a series of free screen savers. One of the screen savers in the series is “Caucasus Screensaver”, a series of screen savers of the Caucasus Mountains, located in the Eastern fringe of Europe.

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