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The Sample Tracker is like a DAW with lots of different instruments and effects, an easy to use keybord that you can use to record/play/arrange the samples.
The synthesizer is a Ableton Live-like Instrument which can be used to create sounds, basses, pads, arps and a few more, so it’s easy to use to create your own melodies.
Every instrument can be sequenced by using the keyboard and every instrument can have an arp, loop and volume.
You can get an intro or demo or a song in a few minutes.
All the controls you need to create a great track are right in front of you, as a beginner you can easily use it.
Integration with iPad and iPhone via bluetooth is supported.
Each part of the app can be used separately or combined for a full track.
– 100+ Instruments
– Ableton Live style instrument with volume control
– Arp, loop and volume control
– Accurate VST plugins loading
– Option to preview audio with excellent graphics
– Render audio to 24bit 48khz WAV files
– Track import and export
– BPM detection
– Stereo Mode and Channels
– MIDI Mode
– Multi-track recording and playback
– Completely crossplatform (Windows, Mac and Linux)
– Options to deactivate some plugins
– Preview of audio with great graphics
– Access to files of the app with drag & drop
– Browse all your audio and image files
– Supports MIDI files, with a full support for various polyphonic instruments
– Support for BPM and rate detection
– It’s really easy to edit the song, just drag and drop the parts
– Use some of the master effects included
– Fully featured DAW in 100% vector graphics
– Ableton Live style instrument with volume control
– Option to preview audio with excellent graphics
– Keyswitch instrument controller
– Arp, loop and volume control
– Accurate VST plugins loading
– Option to preview audio with excellent graphics
– Load and save tracks (from any folder on your hard drive)
– Sequence the tracks
– Different modes for playing and recording
– Auto-loop selection
– Multi-track recording and playback
– Completely crossplatform (Windows, Mac and Linux)
– Edit song structure
– Stereo Mode and Channels
– MIDI Mode
– Completely multitrack support
– Fully featured

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Spectrumech Main Features:
1.Easy To use
2. Multiple virtual instrument features
3. Variable instruments and synth controls
4. Standard and Rave keymapping
5. Easy MIDI file import
6. Rave & House Samples
7. In-App Kontakt Integration
8. Timeline
9. Set/Unset Sample Time Signature
10. Loop Marker
11. Key & MIDI Transport
12. Full Realtime Midi Analysis
13. SongMarkers & Melodies
14. Multiple Midi/Audio Channels
15. Polyphonic / Polytimbral Midi
16. Multiple Output devices
17. Unique ‘classic’ synth sounds
18..FLAC, OGG, MP3, AIFF, WAV and WMA Audio playback
19. Rich Midi Meta track data for easy tracking
20. 4 Audio-Channels
21. Split Screen/Side-By-Side Midi
22. MIDIMapping
23. Midi Unit access
24. Midi Unit routing
25. Multi-Song Recording
26. Studio-like Music Editor/Sequencer
27. 2x Multi-track Player
28. Filter Modulation
29. Attenuation LFO
30. 3x Bass/Mid/Treble Mix
31. MPC-1 & MPC-2 integration
32. 50+ Presets
33. Macro Controls for all Keymapping
34. Pro Tools A / B-Mode
35. Instant Waveform Display
36. One-Click Preview Mode
37. Keyboard Shortcuts
38. MIDI Export
39. Stereo, Mono, Mono-Stereo OGG / MP3 / FLAC Playback
40. Lyrics display
41. Fully customizable
42. Use”” for seperate Midi-/Audio-Channels
43. In-App Kontakt Integration
44. Crossfade between stereo-mixes
45. Use Kontakt4/Tracktion4
46. 24/48kHz FLAC Audio and WAV / MP3 Audio-Playback
47. MSX2
48. Big buttons
49. Perfect stand-alone for low-resolutions like PSP, GBA, etc.
50. Strong Audio-Effects
51. Support for 64-Bit
52. Export your tracks to ipad/iPhone/iPod-

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*There are many ways of using the tool, but you should basically make tracks out of samples from the on-screen DAW which are then dropped into the various synth modes, and combine them together using various effects to create a dance track.

*Stages – There are 10 stages (like in Tranzlator) and you can set tracks to “Start” or “Stereo Mix”.

*Instruments – There are 30 instruments, arranged in 3 categories:

*Stageloads – Stageloads are audio loops that you can listen to and select or combine, and the longer they are, the more they will move around the timeline of the program. There are 4 different sizes of this (24, 16, 12 and 8 bars) for different styles of music. In addition, there is a “Wave Time” setting (in seconds) which allows you to give a particular loop (or sample) a specific amount of time to play before the next loop begins. You can also choose to play the loops all the way through.

*Samples – Samples are the actual sounds you will be recording into the DAW. For example, if you want to create a psy trance loop, you will have to record a pad, a lead line and a sound which is similar to the one used in many psy trance tracks.

*Samples – Arrange – This is where you can arrange your samples into sections which are called “samples”, and if you want, you can name them as well. You can save these samples at any time, and you can also combine them together in different ways.

*Sounds – This is where you will have all your samples located (all the sounds), and you can load them as well.

*Sampler – This is where you will record and playback your samples. As you are recording, you will have the ability to name the sample as well.

*Effects – You will have 30 different effects available for use (like a pitch shifter, equalizer, etc.)

*Stereo Mix – This is where you can play the track on its own or listen to it stereo. You can also mute the parts of the track you don’t want.

*Track – This is where you will arrange your sections and samples, then save the track, and finally you can name the track and share it. You will

What’s New in the ProTrekkr?


ProTrekkr allows you to take control of a synthesizer, play back and mix it live using the one of best synth engines: Native Instruments Kontakt.

. You also have control over the samples, create your own drums, bass and melodic lines by playing back your favorite MP3 and/or WAV files.

You can also create a soft synth by connecting the synthesizer to a MIDI keyboard. It is like having a virtual keyboard and/or drum machine, which can be triggered from the software.

Dice is a plugin with a high level of performance.

Among its features:


Play with MIDI CC or by changing one of its parameters (eg. velocity).

Programming of notes and samples with the following types of automation:

Notes/Samples: crossfade.

Velocity: change the notes/samples pitch with the velocity curve.

Trigger to notes/samples.

Dynamics: control the Dynamics (silent/crunch/soft/loud).

… and many more.

No need for an additional mixer: you can perform with this plugin while using your favorite mixer.

Set up as a network able device or share it over the internet to play along with other users on a local network

ProTrekkr comes packed with a huge number of presets (more than 1200 of which are Creative Commons Licensed), as well as a set of developer presets.

If you just want to try the sound of the plugin out, here are some sample presets (the full preset list can be found at the bottom of this page).

Mix in/Mix out:

You can mix your instrument’s sound with the background noise for a “sound” like ambience.

Native Instruments(under development):

Native Instruments have made a beta version of the Kontakt Player (for free). It contains ProTrekkr.

You can install it to test it out, without creating an account.

The official Kontakt Player is still under development.

You can view the status of the native Kontakt Player here.

Thanks to the Kontakt development team for making this beta version of the Kontakt Player available to us.

Click here to download the latest version of the Kontakt Player.

The following Kontakt Player modules are available for you to try out:


MIDI only version


Various different synths, drum machines, effects, etc.

New software synthesizers from NI

Kontakt 5.0.1

Kontakt Player – NI Mixer:

MIDI only version


System Requirements For ProTrekkr:

DVD playback is not supported.
4th and 5th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor (2.6 GHz+); 8 GB RAM; Windows 10
Supported game pad types:
•PS4 DualShock 4 Controller
•PS4 PRO Gamepad
•PS4 Pro Controller
•Xbox One Controller
•XBox 360 Controller
•Google Pixel Android Controller
•Gamepad M4 for iOS (iOS 11.4.1 or later)
•Gamepad M4 for Android (Oreo 8.

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