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 URL Shortener Chrome Extension Crack+ Download [Latest 2022] URL Shortener Chrome Extension Product Key makes it easy to shorten your URLs. Create short links that link directly to the destination page! Just open the extension, and start shortening URLs from your current page. You can also create links to your own pages.
This is useful when you have a blog or a website, but you don’t want to link to your main page every time you need to link to that content.
– Create Links in an easy manner – just open the extension and start shortening links!
– Create Short Links to your own pages.
– Shorten unlimited links.
– Add custom content in the short link
– Customize the name of the Short Link by adding a title to it.
– Display short links in the URL bar.
– No ads or junk
– Very lightweight and doesn’t slow down your browser
Please note that this short link URL generator is not a hosted URL shortener service.
If you are looking for a short URL service, check out
If you find this description interesting, but still not sure whether to take this extension for a test run, please check out the screenshots below.
Screenshot Gallery:

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Packed with 2 convenient options that let you create a short URL on the spot. Just type the link you want to shorten in the text field and press the Create button. Shortened URL is then sent to your clipboard, ready to be copied and pasted.

You can also opt for the extra option: URL Shortening: Create Short URL on-the-fly! Just type the link you want to shorten and press the button. URL will be sent to your clipboard, ready to be copied and pasted.

Strizzah is a free URL shortener service for Desktop computers. Shortening of URLs is free and supported by Strizzah services. Get the links to your social networks, blog posts, news, newsletter etc shortened with one click!

Downloading Shortenr

You can use your social network account to sign in and get a link for free!

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Download Shortenr by Xentax.

Account registration

You can use your social network account to sign in and get a link for free!

If you are using for the first time you need to register your account. You can do this by clicking on the Login button. Then click on the Register a new account button. This will lead you to the account registration page.

If you already registered with us, please login in order to access your account.

Getting started with is easy. You just need to copy the link from the above address into the text box. Select shortening options you want to use and click on the Create short URL button. The system will choose a URL redirect that will lead you to the final short URL.

Please make sure you are signed in to your account. If you are not logged in you will be asked to enter your login details. Once you are logged in you are ready to use

Shortening multiple links

You can also use from your own computer. You just need to copy the

What’s New in the?

If you handle multiple links and need a way to turn them into more compact versions, you can turn to URL shortener services that can help you achieve quick, convenient results.
One of the applications that can come in handy in the situation described above is URL Shortener Chrome Extension.
Please note that since it is a Google Chrome extension, you need to install the host web browser on your computer and provide the application with a working Internet connection to function properly.
Simple interface
This utility comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that packs a handful of intuitive functions, making it highly accessible for many users, regardless of their PC skills.
No form of help documentation is available since the purpose of this tool is letting you convert your URLs into short ones. Also, there is no additional configuration menu.
Shorten URLs at the press of a button URL Shortener Chrome Extension can help you shorten links by just opening its interface and hitting the dedicated SHORT button, as it automatically detects the page you are currently visiting and fills the designated field with this information.
However, you can also input a different website address by simply typing it. If you want to customize your link, doing so is possible by typing the desired content in the Custom (optional) field. Hitting the SHORT button generates your shortened URL and automatically copies it to your clipboard.
Track short URL stats
You can also track the statistics of your shortened URLs by providing the application with a valid API key. Doing so can be easily achieved by typing the required key into the dedicated field and clicking the Update button.
Lightweight link shortener Chrome extension
All things considered, URL Shortener Chrome Extension is a handy extension for Google Chrome that lets you shorten your links as easy as pressing a button. It comes with a user-friendly interface, packs intuitive functions and enables you to track your URLs by providing you with API key support.

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