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When you launch Remote Console, it will start two services: Network Service (Standard Windows Service, 99 Service – AUTOREMOVE=YES, like SSH), Remote Console (SERVICE_AUTOREMOVE=NO, is a user mode service, so can run even when computer is rebooted, it can be stopped and started via Administrative control panel or a command line, can be put to sleep, when it is sleeping, its executable is paused but process can continue.

Windows User can launch it from Administrative control panel, and if Remote Console is launched as a service, it will run in background.
In some network, you can install Remote Console on your PC and set the path of Remote Console and make remote console to run on port 4444.
You can run Remote Console as a service, by adding Remote Console executable file to your startup program, like:

C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\my_app\Remote Console\x64\Release\remote_console.exe


“Run As: System”, “Service Name: Remote Console”, “Display Name: Remote Console”


It’s a user mode service like any other. If you do not want it to start at boot, then add it to the Startup folder in the Administrative Tools.
If you want it to start at boot and you don’t want the service name to display, then add it to the Services startup folder.
If you want to log to a file, there are other options too.


To add the service to start at start-up you have to add it to the startup folder as the following:

Press the Windows key and type “Services.msc” into the search box
Click on “Services”
In the window that appears click on “Startup”
Add the service you want to start at startup in the drop down list
Click on “Apply” and then “OK”.

The service you have added to startup will now start at start-up.


How to fix missing load dependencies error in tcl8.5 package

I get following error when trying to create a package from scratch:
Missing load dependencies:

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RConsole is a console for R. It aims to provide a user-friendly, remote console that is smaller and easier to use than other popular software such as Putty.
The features of Remote Console are:
Multiple remote servers
Multiple connections to multiple machines on a single remote server
Direct access to files on remote servers, so one cannot just enter them in like Putty
Automatic encryption of communications
Password recovery
Supports internet and intranet (network)
Text based or graphical, if configured

External links
Download from
WAN access, VPN gateway, etc.
Configuring the RemoteConsole

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What’s New In?

This is the description for the Remote Console for Windows application. For more information, please visit the

Site Map:

Version History:

v.1.0 – (2002-04-17) – Initial release


Copyright (c) 2002-2005,

v.2.0 – (2003-06-05) – New features include: — Added ability to boot the system in single user mode — Added ability to press Enter at the command prompt to log you off — Added ability to cycle through memory slots — Fixed an error that prevents multiple users from logging on. — If you have installed the Windows version of the Remote Console from the

web site, it is no longer necessary to unzip the RCDL file and copy it to the remote computer.

v.2.1 – (2003-06-16) – A number of bugs have been fixed. — Fixed an issue where the “create a new image file” function would not work if there was already a file in the path, causing the function to freeze. — Fixed an issue where the program would not automatically log out of the system at the end of the session. — Fixed an issue where users who are prompted for a password, but do not provide one, are still able to log on.

v.2.2 – (2003-06-23) – A number of bugs have been fixed. — Fixed an issue where the user’s home directory was not properly being set. — A number of minor changes have been made to the menu system to make it easier to navigate. — Added a “system startup log” feature, where the user can specify a date and time when the system is to be restarted after a system crash. — Added the ability to press the “Go Back” button at the command prompt to return to the previous command. — Fixed an issue where the system would not reboot correctly if the user had logged out, and then logged back in.

v.2.3 – (2003-09-14) – A number of bugs have been fixed. — Fixed a bug that causes the program to abort if the RCDL file is not in the correct directory on the remote computer. — Fixed an issue that causes the system to crash after installing the Remote Console if the user has connected to a remote system that has a version of RCDL less than the current version. — Fixed an issue where the user is not able to log on unless a password has been provided. — Fixed a number of issues that prevent the user from opening the “Sessions” menu.

v.2.4 – (2004-01-11) – A number of bugs have been fixed. — Fixed a number of bugs that prevent the

System Requirements For Remote Console:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.
Processor: Intel Pentium III 1.2 GHz or higher
Memory: 256 MB RAM.
Hard Disk: 1 GB of free hard disk space
Video: Microsoft DirectX 8.0 (compatible with DirectX 8.1)
DVD-ROM drive
Sound Card: 16-bit sound card with minimum of 24 kHz sampling rate and 8-bit
channels (stereo)
OS: Windows 7/8.

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