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Files tend to get larger and larger, but storage devices as well. However, you might still encounter limitations when it comes to size values, even though it doesn’t seem to be a modern day problem. It’s usually the case with email attachments, but these types of inconveniences can easily be solved with applications like SplitZilla.
Intuitive design quickly gets you up and running
First of all, the application isn’t packed inside an installer, so you can check out the set of features as soon as download is done. This, not only means that you can have it stored on a thumb drive in case you want to use it on other computers, but it also keeps the health status of the target PC intact, because registry entries are not modified in the process.
The application offers everything in a pretty compact window. A couple of fields help you choose the file you want to split, and the destination to save components, while the lower section is fitted with several parameters, such as split size, and more.
Merging done through an automated file
You can only split one file at a time, and it can’t be a directory. Sadly, adding a file to the operation is only done through the browse dialog, because a drag and drop operation is not supported here, and the application doesn’t integrate itself in the context menu.
Splitting is only done by size, with a few preset values to choose from, as well as a dedicated field to write the exact value of the chunk size. Additional options let you have a batch file created, use output, subdirectories, and batch file. Bundling the files back together is done through an automated file automatically created by the application.
A few last words
All things considered, we can state that SplitZilla is a lightweight, yet practical application you can use to chop large files in multiple parts. Although there are not plenty predefined split size values, options are clear, and the process helps you automatically build all files back together.







SplitZilla Crack Free For Windows [Latest-2022]

SplitZilla is a simple, fast and intuitive utility to split files into multiple parts on your computer. You can split archives, folders, video files, images, documents, archives, archives, a lot of types of files with just a few mouse clicks. SplitZilla allows you to split multiple files into pieces that can be easily recovered later.
Besides that SplitZilla allows you to split files in the.exe and.cab extension which may be impossible to split using other file splitter programs. SplitZilla has a friendly user interface and a simple menu. This means that even a novice user can easily operate the program. The program offers several options to customize the splitting process. You can specify a maximum and minimum file size, a maximum and minimum size of a file part, the kind of splitting to perform on a given file (exclude the specified file parts, include the specified file parts or select any of them), and the splitting folder if there is more than one folder. Also, you can specify a folder for the output file.
Runs on:
Windows XP
Windows Vista/7
Windows 8/8.1

There’s a cool review here for SplitZilla, I thought I’d mention it here as well. While I have no firsthand experience, the author describes it as both simple to use and as being very easy to set up. It can split files to anywhere between 1,000 KB to 10 GB. The author states that it takes a day or so to train your users on how to use SplitZilla. I haven’t seen that stated anywhere else.

Another good article about SplitZilla (in my opinion, the best file splitter I’ve used so far) can be found here.


I’ve also used this on my Mac, to split large ZIP files into smaller (more easily manageable) ZIP files. Works great.


Splitzilla is a free, intuitive tool to split.zip archives. It works on Windows XP and Windows Vista.


Split archives from a single file.
Simple design and intuitive interface.
Easy to use and easy to integrate into your work environment.
Requires little training.
Split each file into several pieces.


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SplitZilla Full Product Key

SplitZilla is a lightweight, yet practical application you can use to chop large files in multiple parts. Although there are not plenty predefined split size values, options are clear, and the process helps you automatically build all files back together.
SplitZilla Latest Version:
SplitZilla Latest Version:

Split.IO – Powerful File Splitter

Split.io is a file splitter with a graphical user interface. It allows you to split a file into different parts and to merge them back into one. It is a robust and fully-featured file splitter which supports all major file types such as text files, executables, web pages and also video files.
File Splitter
The file splitter allows you to split a file into many parts. Split.io is an open-source file splitter that allows you to split a file into multiple parts or even chunks. This makes Split.io a multi-purpose, versatile and powerful file splitter. Split.io is easy to use and comes with some advanced features such as compression, text encoders and decoders, file and file-size limiters and much more. It allows you to take a file, split it into various pieces and merge them back together. It provides you with basic merging options such as deleting original or creating one of the split files and then adding the other split files. Furthermore, it supports all major file formats such as PDF, JPEG, BMP, MP3 and AVI.
Split.io allows you to compress the split files and thus, reduces the file sizes significantly. You can set the compression level to give you the desired file size. You can also use Split.io as a file size limiter, which makes it possible to split files into various pieces without exceeding the file size limitations. It is also an excellent text encoder and decoder. You can add the text encoder and decoder parameters to it to get the desired text or data encoding and decoding rates.
Advanced Features
Split.io is also a powerful file splitter that allows you to import a directory tree or even a file-system hierarchy and to split that into various parts. You can also set the file size and number of split files using the Split.io file size limiter. It also allows you to set the maximum file size for the whole operation. Additionally, you can use the operation for system administration and can set the set a number of days.
File Format Support

SplitZilla Crack [32|64bit]

SplitZilla is a lightweight utility, designed to split large files and folders into smaller ones, suitable for e-mails. This program allows you to split larger files into smaller parts, according to specified sizes. The program also provides an option to split multiple files at once, using a batch file.
* Split and merge huge files and folders into smaller parts, with a specified size
* Batch file creation
* Several options for the size of the chunk
* Uploaded files and folders can be split and merged
* Possible errors can be easily fixed
* Supports ZIP and RAR archives
* Choose the output folder where to save the split chunks

Download notes

SplitZilla (Windows)






SplitZilla Team






Install or unzip SplitZilla


Open the folder where SplitZilla is stored


Click the EXE file


Click the “Install” button


Allow the application to check for updates, and install if necessary


Set a location to the folder where splits will be generated


Check the box beside the “Create a new folder” option


Enter a name to the new folder


Click the “Finish” button


Start SplitZilla


Choose the file you want to split, and click the “Splitting” button

SplitZilla (Linux)






SplitZilla Team






Install or unzip SplitZilla


What’s New In SplitZilla?

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Many improvements, bugs fixed

System Requirements For SplitZilla:

We will be supporting DirectX 11.
Windows 7 / 8.1
Mac OSX 10.7 and above
Linux Distros with Wine 1.6
Minimum Required Power:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 or above
AMD Phenom X4 8×90, 690, 690w
Please see the our Driver Release Notes for all the details.
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