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Unitrends Enterprise Backup for VMware is a professional data protection solution for VMware virtual machines. This virtual appliance goes beyond virtualization and integrates in the virtual infrastructure.
It offers fully customizable backup strategies that can be crafted by you for your company needs. It allows you to perform full, incremental or differential backups for your virtual machines.
Note: The Free version is limited to four virtual machines. To use this tool for more workstations and to get more features you need to purchase a paid version here.


Download ✶✶✶ https://urllio.com/2mmezd

Download ✶✶✶ https://urllio.com/2mmezd






Unitrends Enterprise Backup For VMware Incl Product Key Free Download For PC

Enterprise backup for VMware is a VMware VM appliance that provides application and data protection to VMware virtual machines. It is a professional solution for VMware.
Enterprise Backup for VMware is a VMware virtual appliance that allows you to perform backups and restores of virtual machines and configurations to the local workstation or a server. It includes fully customizable backup strategies that can be crafted by you for your company needs. It allows you to perform full, incremental or differential backups for your virtual machines.
Enterprise Backup for VMware features include:
– All data protection for VMware virtual machines – not just VMware ESX or ESXi.
– More than 350 data protection profiles for all VMware hypervisors.
– Per VM settings for application protection like app locks, password protection and other application settings.
– Full, incremental or differential data protection for both VMs and configurations.
– All VMware data protection services like ESXi, ESX and ESX Cluster.
– A VMware appliance that integrates into your existing VMware infrastructure.
– Multiple image backup locations – including local, LAN, SAN, WAN, Email, FTP and a central database.
– Multiple restore methods – including VUM, WUM and full disk.
– Supports VMware Appliances or Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) virtual machines.
– Supports VMware ESX, ESXi or ESX/ESXi cluster.
– Supports both local and remote file based restore.
– Supports Windows and Linux workstations and servers.
– Supports Windows, Linux and Mac workstations and servers.
– Backups can be triggered by VMware Infrastructure event triggers.
– Supports VMware workstation and server images.
– Includes a special troubleshooting feature – use to know which data protection profile or virtual machine is not working.
– Allows to backup VMs and virtual machine configurations.
– Is fully compatible with the following VMware backup products:
– VADP-Platform Backup Server for VMware
– Workstation Data Protection
– Data Protection for VMware Workstation
– VMware Data Protector
– VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
– VMware Data Protection Manager (DPM)
– VMware Virtual Block Storage (VBS)
– VMware Backup Manager
– VMware Data Protection Manager
– AEM Data Protection Manager
– Techinfrax VMware Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM)
– Version 5.0.0 includes:
– Support for the new vSphere 5.0.
– Support for

Unitrends Enterprise Backup For VMware Crack+

This is a kind of Backup utility software that using of MAC OS and Virtualization. Because it help to backup computer systems and to manage computer systems. This is a kind of app that using of MAC OS and Virtualization. This virtual appliance supports cloud backup. This VMware Backup for VMware will perform backups on the virtual machine that you have chosen. This App can perform the full and incremental backup of your Virtual Machine.
The software can also backup the existing VM’s. The software automatically backs up your VMs in the destination storage.
Other backup, export, re-import, and restore functions are also available in this software. The software also provides the safe backup of the MAC OS .
This VMware virtual appliance is fully compatible with the VMware ESXi virtual operating system. It runs on VMware ESXi 6.5 or later.
With VMware Backup for VMware, the following features are available:
1. VIB backup
2. Restore VIB
3. Back up a virtual machine using VMware VIBs
4. Restore a virtual machine using VMware VIBs
5. Full backup of a virtual machine
6. Full backup of a virtual machine and restore VIB
7. Differential backup of a virtual machine
8. Differential backup of a virtual machine and restore VIB
9. Export VMDK to VMFS
10. Import VMDK to VMware vSphere
11. Re-import a backed up virtual machine
12. Imported VMDK automatically creates VMware virtual machine in ESXi
13. Imported VMDKs are automatically added to the inventory
14. Backup and restore from VMware VIB
15. Backup and restore from VMware VIB, differential backup and restore from VIB
16. Power shell script: Backup a virtual machine, optionally a VIB from a virtual machine, and then restore it
17. Upload and download an original VMware VIB

Unitrends Enterprise Backup For VMware Free Download For PC

Unirrix is an open-source application that provides a graphical user interface to administration of backup jobs on remote servers.
Unirrix has been created to simplify the process of administration of backup jobs on remote servers, while offering various features to increase the efficiency and productivity of the process.
Unirrix allows for integration of several data sources. It is used as a centralized backup management application on UNIX systems, and it provides graphical interfaces to backup jobs on remote servers.
The utility can be used to run backups on various platforms and systems, including:
Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows 98/Windows 95/Windows Me/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista/Windows 7
IRONOVE – a distributed storage system with capabilities of Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Network Storage (NAS).
Samba shares.
Linux and Windows NAS Shares.


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This product was funded by Unitrends through VMware vExpert status.
This program is free for VMware vExpert program members and the team
at Unitrends would like to thank all the VMware users who have
participated in this survey.

This product is freeware.
All the code is open source.

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