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Caml Light is a handy and useful application designed to assist users in compiling and interpreting ML and MIL programming files.
The application enables users to easily select the debug mode and compile their created files. You have the possibility to view the history and the graphics, as well as to activate the preview mode.


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The application is designed for those who prefer to learn and to practise developing software, without having knowledge in compilers.
The application allows also to correct the syntax errors and to manage the files produced with ML and MIL.

The screenshot above indicates that the application is currently in testing phase, meaning it’s under continuous development: they are working to make it even more user-friendly.
If you’d like to try it now, you can download it from this GitHub page.

=== ML Light and MIL Light ===

As reported in the previous section, Light is a programming language editor and interpreter.
It was designed by Manuel Serrano from Spain, who also wrote the first version of ML Light.

A screen shot of the final version of ML Light can be found at the top of this article.

=== Caml Light ===

Caml Light is a simple, user-friendly multi-purpose tool, designed to help developers in the ML and MIL programming languages, with the aim of helping users to develop software.
It is available as a.msi installer and as a Universal Windows Store app.

A picture of the application can be found here:
[![Caml Light](

Explanation of the main features:

* **Compilation**: users can generate ML and MIL files in the desired compiler
* **Implementation**: users can add instructions to implement the part of their program that they are working on
* **Debugging**: users can watch the execution of their program using the debugger
* **Customization**: users can enable or disable the debugger, the background, the console window, the selected language, the internal compilation…
* **Tools**: users can activate the special tools that the application provides (for example, to run the analysis on the syntax tree or to manage the files)
* **History**: users can activate the history of the steps taken, when they were executed, so that they can always go back to any program part and repeat it
* **Error correction**: users can correct the errors in their files
* **Preview mode**: users can view the output of their program using the previewer of light

=== ML Light ===

ML Light is a

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Open a compiled file if you have installed the application, or write the contents to the current file.
You can also interact with the ML and MIL source files with the syntax highlighting, context menu, hints and the interactive syntax tree viewer. The syntax highlighting is color-coded for typed and float.
You can open a file with several forms, then simply choose the option you need.
Some of the features:
– Support for Common ML, Common MIL, Laz-Lang, Standard ML, SML and MLton.
– Syntax highlighting: typed, float, integral type, Boolean type, primitives type
– Built-in regular expression matcher to find a match of a regular expression in a string.
– Built-in regular expression matcher to find a match of a regular expression in a file.
– Preview mode with the syntax tree viewer.
– Options to set the compilations flags.
– Different syntax definitions, regular expressions and patterns for the syntax highlighting.
– Special symbols and words to annotate the code.
– The history feature enables the user to know what the error was the first time.
– List of errors and compilation warnings.
– User-definable variables that you can use to custom the application.
– User interface and themes.
– Drag and drop of files.

This is the documentation of the current release (0.9.0):

The program is distributed under the GNU Free Software License (GPL) which is
available at

Report bugs on .

Caml Light uses CamlLight, a compiler tool that is licensed under the GNU
General Public License.

CamlLight is available at

To build caml light, run first make and then the script camllight.

You can also use caml light from the command-line by typing ‘caml light’:

> caml light

This reads the source code file and compiles it to 3

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* Caml Light is a powerful editor designed to simplify the development of MIL-based projects.
* It offers many useful features, such as the possibility to store, open, and view the entire project history.
* The support of syntax highlighting and the possibility to indent the code are particularly important for programming.
* Moreover, Caml Light provides many useful features to help users in compiling and interpreting ML and MIL programs, such as the possibility to save file options, to create macros, to display the state of the current macro or project, to activate the preview mode, and to activate/deactivate the debug mode.
* The application is optimised to work on Windows, with a nice interface and few user interface interactions.
* Caml Light has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
* It works on a limited set of languages, namely ML and MIL.
* In order to have a complete feature set, Caml Light has been developed as a Dynamic Link Library.

Source Code and Dependencies:
The source code and the dependencies for Caml Light can be downloaded from the Caml Light project’s source code repository at:

Caml Light requires GAP (version 2.0) to be installed in the application’s directory.
Please refer to the README.txt file located in the installation directory for more details.
Installation and Running:
1. Download and extract the Caml Light application to a desired location.
2. Open the directory where you extracted the Caml Light application.
3. Right-click on the Caml Light application shortcut, and select “Open”, or simply click on the application shortcut in the taskbar of your computer.
4. You can now start the application, and explore the system’s menus.
5. You can quit the application by double-clicking on its icon in the taskbar of your computer.
6. You can find Caml Light in the “Applications” menu of the Windows start menu.
7. To add Caml Light to the Windows taskbar, do the following steps:
– Open the “Appearance and Personalization” control panel.
– Click on the “Customize…” button and then the “Start” button.

What’s New In?

* Lightweight application
* Quick Help
* Learn new stuff in fast time
* Use a browser-based interface
* Easy access
* Compilation and execution of commands
* Edit files
* Check your programs
* Generate auxiliary files
* View technical data
Caml Light Features:
* This application has some features like:
* Quick Help (it loads from the icon of the program)
* Easy access to research sources and documentation
* Use the browser-based interface (it loads from the icon of the program)
* Quick browsing inside directories
* Fast access to files with full previews
* Easy access to folders, projects, files, settings
* Easy working with database types and elements
* Easy editing of files
* Generate auxiliary files (ML files for the syntax check and interpret functions)
* View technical data (quick look of the project)
* Edit files (full changes inside the file)
* Check your programs (we can start the execution of the project)
* Generate ML files for the interpreter
* Quick access to the documentation
* IntelliSense (methods and properties), etc.
* Compile the files
* Select the mode of debugging
* Intuitive interface
* Shell integration
Caml Light User Guide:
* Prerequisites:
* Windows XP or later
* Internet Explorer 6 or later
* Pentium 2 GHz with 1 GB RAM
* Text documents
* Installation of the program
* Use the menu “Help”
* Install the options “Compile ML” and “Compile MIL”
* Use the menu “Quick Help”
* Open the new “Quick Help” page (from the icon in the tray bar)
* Click on the button “Help”
* Select “Quick Help” from the list
* Click on the “Help” button
* Selection the option “Quick Help”
* Click on “Next”
* Click on “Finish”
* Click on the “Compile ML” or “Compile MIL” button
* Results:
* The application opens the file selected
* The toolbar above the text document appears
* The command line of the compiler appears
* The compiler processes the file
* Compiling and interpretation of code is done in the background
* The result is visible after the end of compilation
* The operation of compilation is recorded
* The result of

System Requirements:

Internet Connection
Minimum: Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
Minimum: 1.4 GB free space
Minimum: 512MB RAM
Minimum: 5GB free space
Minimum: Windows 7, Vista, 8.1 or 10 (32 or 64-bit)
Minimum: 2 GB free space
Minimum: 1 GB RAM
Apple and other non-Windows OS users may experience compatibility issues. You can try

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