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foo httpcontrol is foobar2000 add-on that facilitates remote control to the media player through the HTTP interface. Once configured, it offers support for playback (including seekbar and queue), playlist, media library, and file browser functions.
Setup and configuration
Setting up this feather-light tool may be a difficult task for casual users. The downloaded library must be copied to the 'Components' directory of foobar2000, after which it's necessary to download at least one template and copy it to the appropriate location, in order to access the add-on via the web UI.
Once everything is up and running, you can access the foo httpcontrol panel of the media player, in order to modify IP address and port number settings to listen music to. The default configuration is set to
Restrict access to specific users
By default, media player access is granted to all remote users who know the IP address and port. However, you can restrict it to one IP address and specify a username and password required for login. This comes in handy when you want to pair two computers in order to listen to music from your home PC while you're at work, for example.
When it comes to the file browser, it's possible to indicate the allowed paths, along with the extra and ignored file types. Furthermore, you can establish a starting directory, enable HTTP compression (GZip), log access details to the console, and stop the running service after the queue feature is deployed. All settings and the web page can be reset to default.
Evaluation and conclusion
It didn't burden the foobar2000 media player in our tests, using low CPU and RAM. It didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. The only issue is that it's a bit tedious to set it up, and less experienced users might quickly lose interest because of this. Otherwise, foo httpcontrol serves its purpose, providing remote control access for your foobar2000 music library.


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Listen to music from your PC using foobar2000

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Foo Httpcontrol Free Download

Gives foobar2000 media player access to files over the web.
What to do

Go to foobar2000 add-on manager.
Select the plugins tab.
Select foo httpcontrol under the plugins’ web interface section.
Click on the add button.
To open the foobar2000 media player in a new tab, select the path to the foobar2000 binary file.
Create a user and password, if needed.
Once foobar2000 player is launched, a page should appear, where you can configure it to accept remote access from the local network and specify a port.
Assign the control panel to the remote foobar2000 media player.

Additional info

Allows remote control of your foobar2000 media player with your HTTP server on an IP address and port, accessible by external clients. The setting must be modified manually in the foobar2000 media player configuration tool, since it can be difficult to configure an HTTP server on a local network. Although it’s only three clicks to set up the web interface in the media player, it’s a bit tedious if you’re not used to it.
Requires the foobar2000 media player to be configured to access files remotely. It doesn’t bother about keeping track of file metadata (such as m3u playlists), but this might be a problem if you use your foobar2000 player as a multimedia device. Furthermore, foo httpcontrol has a habit of getting stuck in a loop or crash – this may get fixed in the future.
It doesn’t have a GUI, so no visual interfaces for media player access. No browser is required.
This add-on is included in the foobar2000 download package.

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