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HXTT DBF is compatible with any of the following standard Java database connections:
JRE System properties
Microsoft JDBC
Sun Microsystems JDBC


HXTT DBF Supported Encodings:

HXTT DBF Supported Locales:

HXTT DBF Supported Unicode character sets:

HXTT DBF Supported Unicode character type:

HXTT DBF Supported Memory Only Databases:

HXTT DBF Supported Remote Access Mode:

HXTT DBF Supported Autocommit:

HXTT DBF Supported On Statement:

HXTT DBF Supported On Statement With Prepared Statement:

HXTT DBF Supported Cancelable:

HXTT DBF Supported Delayed Commit:

HXTT DBF Supported Switching Characters:

HXTT DBF Supported Outer Joins:

HXTT DBF Supported Limit Operations:

HXTT DBF Supported Limit/Cursor Fetching:

HXTT DBF Supported Limit/Cursor Fetching Through JDBC Result Set:

HXTT DBF Supported SELECT Statement:

HXTT DBF Supported INSERT Statement:

HXTT DBF Supported UPDATE Statement:

HXTT DBF Supported DELETE Statement:

HXTT DBF Supported Stored Procedures:

HXTT DBF Supported Stored procedures Returning Data:

HXTT DBF Supported ALTER TABLE Statements:

HXTT DBF Supported Statements Run In Batch Mode:

HXTT DBF Supported Support for Placeholder:

HXTT DBF Supported Statement With Input parameters:

HXTT DBF Supported Statement With Return value:

HXTT DBF Supported Statement With Parameters:

HXTT DBF 21.05.19 Crack+ For Windows (Final 2022)

Briefly, the library’s client side supports JDBC, which is used to connect to the databases.  JDBC that is packaged with the library comes with drivers for all major database vendors on the market, and a lot of development is done to add support for more specific JDBC drivers.
The driver server is Java class that implements the generic methods of the class for connecting to databases with JDBC.  The driver exposes one main method that is the “connect” method that takes two String parameters, the first string parameter is a URL and the second string parameter is the JDBC driver name that defines the characteristics of the connection.  The driver also supports a minor feature that it takes two String parameters and the first string parameter is a SQL statement and the second string parameter is the JDBC driver name that defines the characteristics of the connection.  The driver returns an instance of the driver that can be used by the client side to execute the SQL statement.  If you have access to JDBC, we are sure you have one of these drivers installed.  The JDBC driver of HXTT DBF Crack For Windows client side comes with the drivers for popular database vendors, which are Alaska, CA-Clipper, Foxpro, Foxbase, Halcyon, Goldmine, Apollo, Visual DBASE and PowerPlus.

The client side is a GUI application that uses JDBC that can be easily deployed on any platform, provided that the application has JDK, and the database is connected to the server side.  The client side has a GUI database server manager that can connect to the server and access a database.  The GUI server manager can also connect to any remote database with JDBC and it has a UI to access the remote data.

To get HXTT DBF download, see:
Niels Henze, Chief Technologist HXTT.

Use this form to submit ideas and feedback, as well as make suggestions for future features. The form fields below are optional, but provide extra information that may be of use to both the staff and the community.

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HXTT DBF 21.05.19 Crack [Updated] 2022

— Basic Features
1. General
— HXTT DBF supports the following file formats, database file types, but not all of them.
2. Data Sources
— The Dbf code can be converted to data source name and mapped to
— registry for installation.
— In version 3.1.2, HXTT DBF supports EDBASE2000, EDBASE2005,
— EGBase2000 and EGBase2005.
— HXTT DBF supports the following JDBC drivers, but not all of them
(because JDBC3.0 is not supported on JVM)
3. Connections to Data Sources
— HXTT DBF supports topology for connections to data sources, such as
— local, netware-rpc, netware-svc, tcp-ip, tns and so on.
— HXTT DBF supports HXTT DBF program’s Connection object for
— DBF data sources on remote machines.
— The connection can also be managed by user.
— HXTT DBF does not support auto mapping of data source names to registry.
4. Data Manipulations
— HXTT DBF supports iteration, bulk update, transaction control, select
— range, insert, delete, replace, update (select), merge,
— rename, create and refresh.
— Data manipulation can be done either programatically or programatically
— via command line
— The default SQL operations include update, delete, insert, select,
— delete, and insert. All of these operations can be executed as a
— transaction control.
5. Other Features
— SQL transaction control
— HXTT DBF supports programmatic query with or without data manipulation.
— Each query can be controlled by users.
— HXTT DBF supports programmatic database connection for remote access.
— HXTT DBF supports common and compressed java.io.InputStream object
— reading mode.
— The database can be read from a memory stream in xml or binary
— format, and in general, it can be read from an URL.
— The raw Dbf can be

What’s New In HXTT DBF?

HXTT DBF provides a set of high performance database programming API (JDBC) that supports all of the latest JDBC3.0 and SQL3.0. The library provides native database access for Xbase. It has C++ wrappers that allow for API portability.
Benefits of HXTT DBF:
1. It provides a set of high performance database programming API (JDBC) that supports all of the latest JDBC3.0 and SQL3.0.
2. It has C++ wrappers that allow for API portability.
3. It’s a set of native database drivers for Xbase.
4. It supports remote access, so it can be deployed as a windows service, a Unix daemon or a standalone application.
5. It is written in pure Java (because of C++ wrappers) and supported on the JVM platform.
6. It is fully compliant with JDBC1.2, JDBC2.0 and JDBC3.0.
7. It can connect to remote databases, so you can access them without installing anything on the client’s local system.
8. It can communicate with the database over a network using the standard iODBC drivers, SQL drivers or memory only databases.
9. It is based on Pure Java, meaning it can be deployed on any system with JVM. It is certified for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003; it also supports Apple Mac OS X.
10. It can be deployed as a service in Windows operating system.
11. The standalone and daemon versions of the library are almost identical except the daemon has some extra configurations.
The Embedded HXTT DBF Driver:
The embedded HXTT DBF driver is used for accessing database through plain JAVA application. It is standalone, it does not require JDBC drivers, so it works for most applications. To use it, simply add the HXTT DBF module to your application, and the database will be available on the client.
HXTT DBF’s Features:
Native JDBC drivers for Xbase.
1. AlaskaDB3.0
2. TIB5
3. Apollo5.1.4
4. DCP11
5. CLP5.1.0
6. HPF6.0.3
7. CA-Clipper5.0.1
8. Foxpro5.3

System Requirements For HXTT DBF:

Before downloading the game, please be sure to check the system requirements below.
OS: Windows XP SP2 or later, Vista SP2 or later
CPU: Intel 1.7 GHz or AMD 1.8 GHz or higher
RAM: 512MB or higher
Video: 1280×720 resolution
DirectX: Version 8 or higher
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX compatible with.wav format, volume control option
Hard Drive: 4 GB or more
For more information on what is required to run this game


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