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IMyFone KeyGenius Crack Keygen Free [Updated-2022]

Award-winning software for iPhone and iPad unlocker, iPad unlocker, iTunes backup decrypting, iTunes backup password removal and iPhone 5s battery saver.

KeyGenius cracker is a unique application that allows you to unlock any encrypted items, such as iTunes backup, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android phone and Blackberry and so on.
KeyGenius can automatically detect whether the iPhone or Android device has a data encryption setting. And then it will directly unlock the data. Of course, the data can be any thing like iTunes backup password, phone unlock passcode, shop passcode, e-mail login and so on.

There are many types of the data protection settings: iTunes Back-Up, iPhone Transfer, iPhone Data Encryption, iPhone Storage Protection, iPhone Data Protection, iPhone Data Encryption, iPhone Data Protection and so on.
You can easily select what you want to be unlocked and what you want to remain encrypted. It’s very convenient for you to unlock these items.

1. iTunes Backup Password Unlock

iTunes backup password lock is one of the most common items for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. But when you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7 or later, the backup password is changed and you can’t decrypt your iTunes backup anymore.

If you lose your iTunes backup password, you can use the program “KeyGenius” to retrieve the password. After running the program, you will get the iTunes backup password from KeyGenius. You can use iTunes to restore the iTunes backup without any question.

KeyGenius supports both Windows 10 or iTunes version 12.4 or later. To unlock your iTunes backup password, you just need to install and run the program.

2. iPhone Lock Passcode Unlock

Some people also worry about the security of their iPhone. Nowadays, you can find some theft or loss iPhone through hacking. The person has the access to your iPhone and can use the iPhone as his own. Therefore, you need to protect your iPhone in a more comprehensive way.

Here we will demonstrate the method to remove iPhone lock passcode by the program “KeyGenius.” If you want to remove iPhone passcode (4 or more digit number), you can simply install the program and run the iPhone passcode unlocker. It will try three modes to crack the passcode. For your information, the program “KeyGenius”

IMyFone KeyGenius With License Key [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

Mac, Windows, & Linux – iMyFone KeyGenius can decrypt iTunes backup file or delete iTunes backup passcode from iOS device. iMyFone KeyGenius is a free and extremely powerful iTunes backup decryption software for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Once installed on your computer, this iTunes backup password cracker and decryption tool can decrypt iTunes backup password and remove iTunes backup passcode from iOS devices. Besides, you can also restore the backup files to your iOS device. KeyGenius is a smartly designed iTunes backup password decryption tool, which comes with numerous features and tools. With the help of KeyGenius, you can easily and quickly restore iTunes backup file or remove iTunes backup password from any iOS device. In addition, you can unlock your iTunes backup file on a Mac or Windows computer by guessing iTunes backup file password with multiple methods. In other words, if you don’t want others to access your iTunes backup file easily, simply use KeyGenius to decrypt iTunes backup password.
KeyGenius is compatible with all versions of iTunes. Furthermore, it can also remove backup encryption settings from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that runs on iOS 7.0 or later. It helps you restore iTunes backup file easily on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without any iTunes or iCloud account. Moreover, the program can modify the iTunes backup passcode on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

1. Display your backup password on your iOS device.

2. Now, click the “Restore” button and choose the backup file you want to restore.

3. Then, you can easily view your iTunes backup password on the display of iOS device.

Restore iTunes Backup File Easily: With iMyFone KeyGenius, you can also easily unlock iTunes backup file with your iTunes account and your computer (Mac/Windows). Besides, you can also directly modify your backup encryption settings with your computer. Then, you can unlock iTunes backup file with your iTunes account and your computer (Mac/Windows)

Restore iTunes Backup File Easily: With iMyFone KeyGenius, you can also easily unlock iTunes backup file with your iTunes account and your computer (Mac/Windows). Besides, you can also directly modify your backup encryption settings with your computer. Then, you can unlock iTunes backup file with your iTunes account and your computer (Mac/Windows)

Clear Backup Encryption Settings: If you forget iTunes backup password, you can also

IMyFone KeyGenius Crack+ Torrent (Activation Code) Free

This page provides free reviews of iMyFone KeyGenius, such as pros, cons, problems, issue, cost and complaint.

iMyFone KeyGenius Pros

Simple to use

Easy to restore your data, even if you forgot your iTunes backup password

This Mac backup program can decrypt iTunes passwords and backup settings

iMyFone KeyGenius Cons

May ask for a copy of the iTunes backup password before it starts working

iMyFone KeyGenius Review 2019 | Software Review

I have to admit, I have never backed up any data on my iPhone or iPad myself. Actually, I don’t even trust my own PC, since it’s always possible that it will crash or that I won’t remember its recovery password. Whenever I want to change anything on my mobile device, I always have to rely on the help of experts (either my friends or professionals).
However, this changed when I saw iMyFone KeyGenius. This program can backup all data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and it will then allow you to easily restore it and sync it back to your PC.
Maybe you are wondering how this software works, but don’t worry, I’m here to explain it all to you. When you download iMyFone KeyGenius, you get a Restore iPhone backup (.ibk). This is an encrypted file, which can only be opened with the correct password. That password is the one you will need to enter to open the.ibk file.
When you want to restore your data, you only have to drag the.ibk file to your PC. The software opens it and restores your data to your device. Also, you can use other applications to backup your data (such as Dropbox or iCloud), but you won’t be able to restore it, even if you have the correct password.
So, is iMyFone KeyGenius a reliable program or scam? Let’s see.
iMyFone KeyGenius Review 2019 | Software Review

iMyFone KeyGenius Review | Software Review


Decrypts iPhone backup

Easy to use

Data can be restored even if you forgot iTunes backup password


Can ask for a copy of the iTunes backup password

May not work for all issues

Can take too

What’s New In IMyFone KeyGenius?

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System Requirements For IMyFone KeyGenius:

Windows 10
8 GB of free space
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590T CPU @ 2.90 GHz
4 GB of RAM
6 GB of HD space for installation
A graphics card compatible with DirectX 11 (NVidia) or better
6 GB of RAM
8 GB of HD space for installation
A graphics card compatible with DirectX

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