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You may have heard about Harmony Remotes from Logitech, some of the best all-round-accessible and universal remotes that let you control things like your home media system, the lighting and other smart devices from one place.
To help you set up these useful remotes, Logitech provides two utilities which should be used depending on the age of your remote. MyHarmony Desktop Software is a user-friendly app that allows you to set-up basically any Harmony remote produced after June 2010, while the older Logitech Harmony Remote Software is recommended for devices produced before the date mentioned above.
Before anything else, it's worth pointing out some of the remotes which are supported by the MyHarmony, as follows: Elite, Pro, Home Hub, One, Hub, Smart Keyboard, Companion, Ultimate, Ultimate Hub, Home Control, Smart Control, Touch, Ultimate Home, Ultimate One, as well as 200, 300, 350, 600, 650, 665, 700 and 950.
Fully configure your Harmony remotes with the utmost ease
The installation procedure is as simple as they get, and you only need to log in using your Harmony credentials in order to get this app up and running. Please note that account information may not be persistent between both the apps mentioned at the beginning of our review, meaning that if you already have an account for Logitech Harmony Remote Software, it may not work on the newer one.
It's almost common sense, but we're going to say it nonetheless. Running both these apps on your computer is not a good idea as various conflicts might arise.
Other than that, we have a modern and very novice-accessible utility on our hands. To properly configure your remote, you need to first make sure that it's connected to your computer via the supplied USB cable (and for various other models, some batteries). Only then, you'll be able to undergo the intuitive configuration wizards that the app provides.
The desktop app doesn't support all the features provided by some Harmony remotes
Before the end, there's one other aspect that might be of interest to you. To benefit from the full spectrum of features various remotes offer, you should run MyHarmony Desktop Software alongside the Harmony mobile apps for iOS and Android.
For example, with the desktop app, you can change the remote background, re-pair your dish receiver, change the Wi-Fi connection, add, delete, modify devices, and activities, customize buttons, and create sequences. In addition, you're also able to import accounts during setup, as well as add, edit, and delete already existing ones.
However, the desktop app is incapable of setting the favorite channel to start with your Activity, nor can it create home control Activities, schedule an Activity to start to end, or add lights to an Activity start or end sequence. For these particular tasks, you have to make use of the mobile apps.







MyHarmony Desktop Software Crack For PC [Updated]

It’s hard to find a remote app that’s more intuitive and user-friendly than MyHarmony Desktop Software. But there are two other competing apps on the market which also deserve a look. Together, these three apps offer a lot for home automation enthusiasts, not to mention lots of compatibility with most modern Harmony remotes.
You might have to manually import your favorite channel on your remote to start with.
The fact that MyHarmony Desktop Software is very easy to use may be one of its biggest selling points. But sometimes it may feel like it’s missing something. For example, you can’t re-pair your dish receiver. Moreover, you’ll have to manually import your favorite channel on your remote to start with.
The best thing is that these three apps work just like one. So there’s no need to worry about all the issues that may arise while trying to set up different Harmony remotes.
For those with an older remote, the Harmony Remote Software is also a very useful companion, as it provides all the necessary features. The desktop app has a list of the supported remotes, which varies depending on the manufacture and the model year.
In case you need to import a few favorite channels, set up multiple remote devices, or some other task, you can always use the Harmony mobile apps. For some reason, the desktop app doesn’t support the vast majority of the features offered by some Harmony remotes.
The bigger the one, the bigger the need. That’s why you should make the most of this universal tool, and you should definitely consider buying it as soon as possible.
The app has a built-in voice recognition feature which provides you with an extensive list of shortcuts and commands for various devices. By running it, you’ll be able to communicate with a wide range of things, such as your Harmony hubs, Harmony One, Harmony Smart Control, Harmony Ultimate One, Harmon Series 2, Harmon 900, Harmony 1000, Harmon 775, Harmony 900 family, Harmon 575, Harmony 600, Harmon 437, and Harmony 473, among many others.
In addition to this, it also supports Smart Control, and offers you with a phonebook feature which allows you to add device names to the app’s internal list. You can also specify a phrase and have the remote repeat it back to you. The voice recognition feature has been tested in an isolated environment to make sure that your voice is always clear.
The app also supports audio and video playback for Android, audio and video

MyHarmony Desktop Software With Product Key

MyHarmony is the free and easy-to-use software for all your Harmony remote needs. Works with your Harmony remote to control everything in your home plus your media center. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for a universal remote solution for both their home and media center.

Supported Harmony remotes: Elite, Pro, Home Hub, One, Hub, Smart Keyboard, Companion, Ultimate, Ultimate Hub, Home Control, Smart Control, Touch, Ultimate Home, Ultimate One, 200, 300, 350, 600, 650, 665, 310.

Disclaimer: Descriptions & specifications on this page may differ from actual product. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of such data. Used products may not be included. Please refer to product manuals and/or descriptions before making a purchase decision.Q:

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Harmony Remote is the name and logo used by Logitech to identify a home automation system made by the company. The Harmony remote first appeared in 2000 with version 1.0. The remote, found on the Harmony LX9000, was one of the first of many models manufactured by Logitech. Despite being out of production, Harmony are still made available today.

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What’s New in the MyHarmony Desktop Software?

MyHarmony Home Control is a Linux-based free software, which enables you to create your own custom, HDTV-ready Home Automation system at home. With MyHarmony Home Control, you can easily create your own smart home, including lights, switch, DVR, screen, appliance and more. You can control them with your Android and Apple iOS mobile device, without needing to link them to your home network.
To run MyHarmony, you need to install and set up MyHarmony Server, and the MyHarmony Home Control device. The following how-to guides will describe the installation process for each component, and how to configures them to work together.
Setting up MyHarmony Server
You can set-up MyHarmony Server yourself with just a few mouse clicks. First, you need to download and install the MyHarmony Server software for your computer platform (Linux or Windows) on your computer. For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of links to the software from the most popular operating systems, including:
Ubuntu –
Linux Mint –
Debian –
Fedora –
OpenSuse –
Red Hat –
Or, you can download the MyHarmony Server setup package, and follow the directions inside. You will also need to download and install the latest firmware release of your Harmony remotes (a new firmware is always available in the Repository section). You can keep the newest version of your Harmony remote firmware downloaded for installation by following these steps.
MyHarmony Home Control Installation
Installing MyHarmony Home Control is rather easy. First, make sure your Harmony remote is powered on and connected to your Wi-Fi network. Next, you will have to download the MyHarmony Home Control setup package to your computer using one of the methods described above. Finally, you need to follow the installation instructions that accompany the package.
There are the following

System Requirements:

DirectX: Version 11
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-540M / AMD FX-6300
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon HD 6600 (preferably the latter)
Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
Additional Notes:
* Windows Store apps are a universal app, but they cannot be run in the Desktop Bridge version of Windows 8.1
* Apps listed under the

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