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OFX2QIF Cracked Accounts is a powerful program for converting OFX files into Quicken QIF format. It has a simple, intuitive interface and has a nice design.
This software application lets you import your OFX files into Quicken or other software. When you import the files into Quicken they will show up as a list of transactions with a link to the back office for the bookkeeping information.
The links go directly to the book-keeping information, eliminating your need to manually check any of the information found in the file. It is very easy to see the status of each transaction in the back office and to view the information that Quicken accesses directly from the OFX file.
Download the program now and keep your financial transactions safe, by importing them to Quicken!
Main features:
Convert OFX files to QIF format.
Import your OFX files into Quicken.
View the transaction information without the need to open the back office.
Quick and easy to use.
View the contents of each transaction.
View the imported transactions in the back office.
View the list of transactions in the back office.
View the list of transactions while using Quicken.
Calculate the balance, compare dates, add or delete transactions, and more.
Supports all Quicken editions and versions.
Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, and other recent versions.
Internet connection to install the program.
QuickBooks QIF file format compatible.
What’s New in version
Fixed a bug that was found to be causing support for Macs to not work properly.

Namseop Kim

Hi! This is Namseop Kim from productReviewPro.com
I would like to introduce a product called OFX2QIF. OFX2QIF will convert OFX files to Quicken QIF format. The best thing about OFX2QIF is that it provides an user-friendly interface and keeps your data safe from being leaked out to anyone. For the ones who are not familiar with Quicken and its previous versions, I think OFX2QIF is the best choice to convert OFX files to QIF format because of the ease of use.
Recently, the popularity of OFX files increases and a lot of users needs to convert their OFX files into QIF format. However, most of the software products can only convert OFX files into

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• Convert OFX files to QIF format
• Quality assessment of every transaction
• Supports all languages
• Easy-to-use user interface
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This is a guide to solving OFX problems in Quicken for Mac and explaining what to do when the program cannot open a file. Common problems include a corrupted or locked file.
Find solutions to common OFX problems and see explanations about each topic.
Find all the details in my how-to video here:

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OFX2QIF For Windows 10 Crack how to transfer OFX files to and from Quicken for Mac. This is a guide to creating a new blank OFX and sharing it with Quicken for Mac.
Visit the site for more information on Quicken for Mac and the OFX format.
How to Make a Blank OFX File in Quicken for Mac
It’s easy to create a blank OFX file to send to Quicken for Mac.
1. Open Quicken for Mac.
2. Open the File menu and choose Create Blank OFX.
3. Choose the correct OFX version and enter a name in the window.
4. Locate the blankOFX.txt file in the Quicken.app file on your Mac.
5. Click Open.
Create a Blank OFX File in Quicken for Mac

My tech video websites:

Other Videos by Brian:
► How to…

OFX2QIF Crack how to share OFX files in Quicken for Mac. This is a guide to create a new blank OFX and share it with Quicken for Mac.
Visit the


OFX2QIF is a software that converts a type of file called an OFX file into a file of the same name in a type of file that can be read in an accounting software called the QIF format. This format works with programs like Quicken and Acrobat, allowing transactions to be seen and categorised in such software.
OFX2QIF Key Features
Converts a type of file called an OFX file into a file of the same name in a type of file that can be read in an accounting software called the QIF format.
Keeps your data safe and reliable.
Set and change settings to suit your needs.
Note that when you purchase this product, there are licenses available for both Mac and Windows computers.
How To Install OFX2QIF

The OFX2QIF download file was checked out of our testing lab in untampered condition to provide you a clean installation experience.
The following links have been provided for your convenience to the download file. Please save the file to your hard disk when you complete downloading and install.


Download This File

Please note that a free trail version of OFX2QIF is available for testing purposes and the software can be used for up to 30 days without any obligations or restrictions.
If you are not satisfied with OFX2QIF for any reasons, you are welcome to either return the items you purchased from this site or cancel your membership here.

Our software are tested thoroughly before release to ensure that no viruses, spyware or any other malware is present. However, it is impossible to fully test every potential issue the user might encounter when using our software.
If you experience a technical issue with our software, please click here to visit our support page.


The product you purchase from Soft4Boost is the license to install and use one copy of the software that you purchase on your own computer.

You can install and use the software on up to three (3) computers at the same time, where each computer must have its own license.

You can install the software on up to two (2) mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, where each mobile device must have its own license.

Software updates, including security updates, are provided for free to existing licensed users on the same version of the software you originally purchased.

Free Support

For any technical issues or questions relating

What’s New In OFX2QIF?

An OFX file is a popular OFX file container format for Windows. It is normally used to exchange financial transactions, such as payments and purchases in various stores. Thus, if users want to avoid having their transactions in OFX files regularly converted into QIF files, OFX2QIF is what they need. The software helps the users export the financial transactions from the OFX files into the QIF format.

Version 2.1 offers:

Easy import and export of OFX and QIF formats: You can import OFX files directly to your PC, and directly export into the QIF format with one of the available formats.

Import customized transactions: You can import your favorite transactions, and add multiple documents at once.

Export transactions to the QIF format: You can export your transactions to a QIF document using the same format available for importing.

Export transactions to the QIF format with multiple documents: You can select multiple documents and export them to the QIF format at once.

Add links between OFX and QIF: You can add a link between the OFX and QIF format, so you can compare the details of your transactions in the QIF format.

How To Use:

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest version of the OFX2QIF.

Step 2: Drag and drop the OFX file(s) or folder(s) containing the OFX files onto the program and start the utility.

Step 3: Specify the type of OFX files from the File Options, and click the Start button.

Step 4: Once the OFX files are converted into the QIF format, you can view your transactions in various formats according to your preference.


It is safe to use and helps users import and export their transactions, as well as compare them.

This software is well worth your effort and supports both PC and Mac.


Like its name says, it could convert OFX files into QIF file format, and vice versa.

It offers users a quick and easy process to extract and view important details about OFX documents.

This excellent software is not only easy-to-use and user-friendly, but also safe.

This software is compact, portable and easy to install.

Easy-to-use and user-friendly



System Requirements For OFX2QIF:

CPU: Intel Core i3-4020 3.1GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB
Video: Intel HD4000 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7730
DirectX: Version 11
Web Browser:
Note: Included are two releases, one


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