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Be it that you’re running a small company, with a handful of employees, or a larger enterprise business, being concerned about the security and overall stability of the used software is a good way of keeping a safe working environment. Internet browsers make no exception, and, ensuring a secure web surfing experience involves relying on trustworthy, stable releases. Built with data protection in mind, this latest iteration of Portable Firefox ESR will provide you with a solid browsing experience for you and your business, without compromise in terms of security.
Choose this Extended Support Release and this way ensure safe browsing
By selecting this version of Mozilla Firefox, users will benefit from a release which shares all the common features or the regular browser but is improved in terms of stability and overall browsing safety.
Major updates are received far less often and, unlike the regular edition browser, the ESR release will provide users with access to additional policies, such as changes in the search engine department, especially useful when connected to Active Directory type servers.
Maintain privacy for your data and select your preferred release cadence, in accordance with your particular requirements
Since the release period is significantly longer than on the standard version, ESR has all of its emphasis put on stability and offering a secure experience, especially in the context of dealing with sensitive data in an enterprise.
However, if users do require a different cadence for the build, they can always toggle between the rapid or extended release channels, all in accordance with their specific needs.
A solid performer in the secure, business-oriented Internet browser arena
If the utmost in data security and safe browsing is your main concern when running a business or enterprise, this version of Firefox can certainly fill the shoes of a browser that offers such capabilities.







Portable Firefox ESR 1.39 Crack + [April-2022]

Portable Firefox ESR allows users to browse the World Wide Web with efficiency and minimal amount of interference.

Here is a list of features provided by Portable Firefox ESR version

Firefox for Windows / Debian / MacOS
More than three versions of Firefox ESR are available for offline and sync users across platforms and devices.
Benefits of using Portable Firefox ESR

Security and privacy are enhanced to protect against cyber attacks and identity theft.
Offers multiple GPU acceleration options for an improved browsing experience.
Offers an internet kiosk feature to limit access to the browser to a specific internet connection.
Application compatibility updated to support the latest specifications.

Download Portable Firefox ESR now

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I know this is an old post, but i still want to say that this is a great tool. One the one hand it’s even a bit insecure to use if you don’t know how to secure it.

But as long as you learn how to secure Firefox, I guess you’ll be fine.

Using it for a couple of months on my work computer and am very satisfied.

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Nicely written post! I’m a big fan of privacy protecting tools. My own experience tells me that it’s just a matter of time before some hackers will find a way to break in and get access to my data. So I stick to the best I can, and take the necessary precautions, but I still keep on looking for the best. That’s why I find this tool very interesting.


Portable Firefox ESR 1.39 Crack+ With License Key Free

This Extended Support Release (ESR) version of Firefox is a version of Mozilla’s browser which is designed to specifically cater to businesses and enterprises. The release is based on Mozilla Firefox 8.0.0 ESR and is no longer compatible with Firefox 9 or Firefox 10.
This release receives automatic updates which can include security patches, performance improvements, bug fixes and updates to add-ons and other features.
This ESR release of the web browser is aimed at offering more security for your organization. It covers a five year period, from 2007 to 2012. The ESR version of Firefox 8.0.0 is not only compatible with the Firefox 9 and Firefox 10 but also the upcoming Firefox 11 release.

Last Updated: July 19, 2018
Download PDF

Mozilla Firefox Browser is a web browser developed by Mozilla. It is free and open source and available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. Download Firefox Browser 64-Bit.

Firefox Browser is one of the most popular web browsers. The main difference between this browser and other web browsers like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is its security and flexibility. Firefox Browser is one of the most popular web browsers. This browser with good security and flexibility is definitely a web browser that is worth looking into.

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Download Requirements


Windows 7 SP1

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 10

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

Mac OS X 10.

Portable Firefox ESR 1.39 [Mac/Win]

The PocketPortable Firefox browser eliminates the need for users to rely on a slow and expensive internet connection to browse the web. By eliminating all the bandwidth-eating tools such as logging into accounts, downloading them, uploading them, and downloading from and uploading to online storage platforms, users are freed up to access a greater range of services and websites on the go.
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What’s New In Portable Firefox ESR?

Portable Firefox ESR is a beta release of Mozilla Firefox providing support for the Extended Support Release for only the most common and regular bugs and defects in the regular Firefox product.
Portable Firefox ESR is a beta release of Mozilla Firefox providing support for the Extended Support Release for only the most common and regular bugs and defects in the regular Firefox product.
The name of the Extended Support Release means that this is a release which is going to be supported until its ending in, at least, 2015.
By selecting an Extended Support Release version of Firefox, users will get to benefit from all the regular and common features of the regular Firefox version, but they will also be able to choose a release which is better suited for enterprise users or for developers.
Support for additional software updates
Portable Firefox ESR, when running on a 64 bit version of Windows, does not only receive updates for compatibility and security reasons, but it also receives updates for language packs, fonts and other features.
This new technology will allow you to easily install more than 55 language packs, which are normally in the regular Firefox release, but these can be installed separately, when Portable Firefox ESR is used. This allows you to activate all of the Internet Explorer compatibility modes included in those language packs without the need to give up on a regular Firefox release.
Testers in the physical world, but the virtual world, too
Users using the “Portable version” Firefox profile, when they go to the profile manager in Portable Firefox ESR, will notice that they have just been assigned to the physical profile version, which is why they will be able to access all the extensions they added or changes they made.
Users who are going to be changing the profile should also consider the way they are going to use the browser in the future.
The more options they give up and the less control they have over how they use the browser, the less safe it will be when it comes to security and data protection.
However, users are able to select more options, both in terms of the profile location and the option to create a new virtual profile, as they are used to when they test the regular version of the browser. This way they will be able to acclimate themselves to the new settings, including options to select which settings and preferences are going to be used when using Portable Firefox ESR.
All other settings in terms of security will remain the same when using the regular Firefox release and Portable Firefox ESR.
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