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Every computer with an internet connection has an IP address. It is used by websites to figure out where a data request comes from, and most importantly where to send it. However, due to privacy controversies, most users look for ways of hiding their virtual identities whilst online. This is easily done by using a proxy server, with applications like Proxy Magnet giving you a helping hand in identifying just the right one.

Find proxy servers around the world
After a successful setup process, you are free to launch the application and put it to good use, with no other configurations required. The main window is cleverly organized and enlists an abundance of addresses, along with details regarding speed, reliability, type, location and class.
Results are based on a solid community that constantly searches for new proxy servers, tests them out and releases them for public use. The number of provided results is staggering, but there are various criteria by which you can sort out the list, or even apply a handful of filters to narrow down results.
Import lists from files or preferred websites
You can either rely on the application to gather a list of proxy servers, or manually provide a list to process. This can be obtained from a TXT file or from a specialized website. What's more, each entry can be verified so that no connection errors occur while usage.
Unfortunately, there's no possibility to create custom lists, nor export a number of entries to file. However, there's the option to copy trusted servers to clipboard and have them processed in an external application.
Secure your computer's virtual identity
If you happen to stumble upon an available proxy server, the application can automatically trick the system into redirecting network data through the selected item in order to protect your virtual identity. Moreover, you can check out the server in question with an integrated tool that brings up a specialized analysis website displaying all there is to know about your request.
On an ending note
To sum it up, there's no solution to keep your computer's integrity and identity safe with an active Internet connection, but applications like Proxy Magnet make sure you reduce the risk of threats to a minimum. With an intuitive design and abundance of results, the application can be used to anonymously browse the web, or secure a confidential network.









Proxy Magnet [Mac/Win] (2022)

Proxymagnet – 0,84 t. (4.2MB) Proxymagnet is a general purpose proxy application for Windows. Proxy Application, Its is a free and safe to use all sites proxy sharing. You can use it as a free proxy server.For the security and privacy your IP address, you can Hide My IP. Online Proxy Server, Virtual Private Network. Automatic proxy setup. Your can browse the Internet anonymouslyProxy Magnet – 0,84 t. (4.2MB) All versions

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PhantomJS is designed for automated testing of Web pages, running on any operating system and platform. PhantomJS runs in the same process as the Web page to be tested, so JavaScript errors in page scripts do not affect the result of the test.

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Proxy Magnet

Open all websites in their encrypted form so they cannot be viewed by someone else. No plugins, servers or any special programs are required.
Proxy Magnet License:
Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0
OS Support:
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux

Most modern smartphones feature a touch interface, which makes it simple to navigate around webpages and other applications. However, some users like to stay away from advanced computer interfaces and prefer to access the web with a more classic mode of operation.
Access the web with the Browser
Google Chrome, Safari and a number of others work with touch interfaces, but this is the classic mode of browsing that still remains the most popular method for those who want to remain independent of the latest trends. There are some handy features that help make accessing the web faster and easier to use, including a bookmark manager that lets you store favorite sites and pages for a later look.
In a hurry? Use the URL bar and you can type in the address of your choice and start browsing immediately. Even when there’s an error in the URL, the address bar still offers a summary of the page and a way to edit the site. You can even save a new contact, for example a bookmark that will direct you to a specific site.
Bookmark Manager
Although it isn’t one of the most intuitive features, the bookmark manager is a simple way of organizing your favorite sites and webpages for a later look. You can create multiple categories and add websites to each of them, so that you can recall them quickly at a later date. You can also share the bookmark with a friend for them to discover new sites.
Grab Information with Bookmarks
The URL bar can be a great way to find popular sites, but it isn’t always the easiest to remember, and it takes up a good amount of screen real estate. To help, there are a number of different tags that you can add to the address bar to more easily locate the desired webpages. Some of the more common tags include images, live websites, game websites and news updates.
Open a Webpage with a URL
Even though you can bookmark a web page, it’s usually easier to just access a specific site directly. Instead of needing to browse the Internet, you can type the site’s address in the location bar and open it in a web browser without having to think about what you’d like to read.
Google Chrome for the Web
As the name suggests, Chrome focuses

Proxy Magnet Torrent (Activation Code) (Latest)

No one will be able to find out anything at all about your internet activities.
This is an all in one tool which provides safe, practical, and powerful privacy solutions.
it can proxy your internet and intranet traffic, thereby enabling you to send and receive data safely and securely.
It supports all important protocols and the most popular types of proxies.
It also supports Antivirus and firewall technology.
No one will be able to find out anything at all about your internet activities.
Control your internet activity with one click.
Let’s you block an entire website without revealing your IP address.
The best part is that it requires almost no setup and no hand-holding.
By the time you complete the Wizard you are ready to go.
Just sign in with your email address.
You don’t have to click through 25 or more confusing dialog boxes.
It’s easy, it’s fast and it works.
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What’s New in the Proxy Magnet?

Proxy Magnet is an open-source application, currently in beta, which allows you to find a proxy server, configure it, and use it. With over 1 million lines of code, this application is sure to be a good one.
What’s new in version 3.8.7:
* General bugfixes
* Fixed text selection problems on Windows
* Fixed crash with privacy / security settings
* Database cleanup
* Activated a bunch of missing new features
What’s new in version 3.8.6:
* Reimplemented when searching for a proxy.
* Made it possible to add proxy server by adding them to the database or copying them from a text file.
* Added support for large proxies.
* Added support for https
* Improved reliability of the search engine.
* Cleaned up some resources.
What’s new in version 3.8.5:
* Fixed a memory leak
* Deactivated some unneeded features
* Improved Windows integration (fixes)
* Improved Linux integration (fixes)
* Corrected some Windows incompatibilities
What’s new in version 3.8.4:
* Fixed a crash with some specific proxy servers
* Fixed some errors with address lists
* Added some missing features (Shadowsocks / Pi Hole)
* Updated privacy / security settings
What’s new in version 3.8.3:
* Fixed crash when deleting proxy
* Improved features (address lists)
* Improved database (address lists)
* Fixed some crashes
* Added translation in French and Russian
What’s new in version 3.8.2:
* Fixed a crash with some specific proxy servers
* Improved working with the cache
* Added a way to delete the cache
* Added a way to schedule the cache to update itself
What’s new in version 3.8.1:
* Replaced the proprietary cache with the open-source caching library
* Activated most of the new features
* Improved working with the database
* Included the translation in Italian
What’s new in version 3.8:
* Added a way to add a proxy server to the database
* Improved working with the database
* Added a way to add/remove proxy servers from the database
* Improved the security options
* Improved the UI
* Updated privacy options
* Added a new option to use proxy server to snoop on the internet
* Changed the name of the application to Proxy Magnet
* Added

System Requirements For Proxy Magnet:

2.8 GHz Processor
20 GB free space
Nvidia 650M/AMD HD7790 recommended.
Sound Card:
Windows Vista or newer (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Hardware Accelerated:
XBOX 360 Controller
TV Screen:
HDMI (1080p

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