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QDBF was designed to be a tool for those who need to handle DBF files.
QDBF allows to look through files, to edit, filter, export in Word, Excel, HTML. QDBF is easy to use and does not demand installation.


Download ★★★ https://urllio.com/2n9u4d

Download ★★★ https://urllio.com/2n9u4d






QDBF Activation Download 2022 [New]

-Supports the latest version of Microsoft Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
– Supports both VBA and VB 6.0 and newer.
– Supports all Access versions.
– Supports MS-DOS (Z:\), FAT, NTFS, and any other storage devices for file system.
-Supports any version of MS Office.
-No limitations.
-Supports user accounts.
-No installation required.
-Memory is not consumed in case of text files opened.
– Edit DBF file header
– Delete head/tail records
– Add new record
– Edit/Delete fields
– Filter records
– Copy paste data
– Export records to MS Word/Excel/HTML
– Split records
– Split by blank
– Sort records
– Backup DBF file
– Import CSV/XLS/Excel/HTML
– Import from MS Access
– Fix errors in the code (QDBF will fix it automatically)
– Debug DBF file with the values

It is a tool for MS Access VBA (VBA for Microsoft Access). It allows the user to check the edition to do a data recovery from a damaged database MS Access, it removes unwanted entries, and it allows you to retrieve all information in the form of XML.
ExportDBF XML features:
-Export HTML
-Export Excel
-Export PDF
-Save files in UTF-8 encoding
-Save files with BOM (UTF-8 and UTF-16)
-User-friendly interface
-Supporting all DBF file formats
-Support for unicode, underline, symbols, etc.
-Supported file extensions: ‘.dwg’, ‘.dbf’, ‘.msi’, ‘.mdb’, ‘.mdw’, ‘.accdb’, ‘.accde’, ‘.accdt’, ‘.accdp’, ‘.accdpw’, ‘.gdb’, ‘.gdb3’, ‘.mdb’, ‘.mdw’, ‘.mdx’, ‘.accdb’, ‘.accde’, ‘.accdp’, ‘.accdpw’, ‘.gdb

QDBF Activation Code [Win/Mac] [Updated]

Unfolds two DBFs
Show data
Edits Data
Link Tables in DBFs
Show Tables in DBFs
Eliminate Spaces
Replace Each
Replace Multiple
Case Mode
Group Mode
Export in Word, HTML, Excel
Automatically fixes bad rows in DBFs
Automatically fixes a lot of problems with records
Saves all modified records to a new DBF file
Automatically arranges columns and rows
Prints the information
Backup DBFs
Search in files and DBFs
Save files and DBFs
Undelete files
Rename files
Copy files
Create folders
Zoom and Select
Search files
Display info about fields
Adjust columns and rows
Display info about fields
Display info about the DBFs
Calculate and combine cells in DBFs
Change the size of fields
Apply the search result in the map
Create groups for DBFs
Show the clipboard history
Attach files to DBFs
Window Groups
Change the order of columns
Preserve the changes done to the DBFs
Change the font colors
Copy the selected records
Export the DBFs
Convert a DBF to ASCII
Convert a DBF to PDF
Convert a DBF to Word
Convert a DBF to Excel

QDBF supported the following features:

Filtering DBFs
Standard and extended DBFs
Single and Double Quotes
Line Breaks
Duplicate detection
Searching and replacing
Replace each

Release history

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External links
Official website
The QDBF website
Download QDBF Pro

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QDBF Serial Key For Windows


QDBF allows to open data in one of the following file types:

Fixed-length records
Fixed-block records
Fixed-block records delimited by EOF (end of file)
Fixed-block records delimited by Newline (‘
Fixed-block records delimited by CR/LF (CR Carriage Return, LF Line Feed)
Variable-length records
Variable-block records
LOB records

QDBF does not limit the number of columns in DBF data, but each column must be identified by its number which you can find in the Record Header. You can modify columns using information provided by the Record Header.

Data Firsts may occur:

in the First column of a record
in a sub-header

the Firsts column in a record can contain only numeric values.

Sub-header columns can occur:

after a first column

data Firsts from sub-header columns can be modified using options provided by the Record Header.
In QDBF for Windows, you can also select Data Firsts in the subheader, and change it to Blank on Line.

Header Data
Each Record Header gives information about the column: name, type, length, and total length of the column.
You can change this information.
Column types are: Null, String, Integer, Decimal, Character, Date, Time, Binary, and Boolean.
Each column is searchable in the Result Window: edit, delete, re-order, filter.

For some of the data Firsts column, you can modify Column Properties.
The following Option is supported:

Empty String: the text in the Empty String will be inserted in the Data Firsts in the Text option of the column.
Blank on Line: the first line of the text in the Blank on Line will be inserted in the Data Firsts in the Text option of the column.
Replace empty or blank string with: the text from the Replace String option in the column will be inserted in the Data Firsts in the Text option of the column.


Name can be set only when Saving and exporting to HTML (Excel, Word)

The Name in the Fields & Options will be displayed in the Result Window.

The Format in the Fields &

What’s New In?

Quickly open, edit, filter, export DBF file in the Word, Excel or HTML formats.
Quickly look through a file. Find text, use regular expressions.
Adjust field width, columns, font, and color. Fill out the fields. Print DBF file (select columns, format them).
Export selected file elements to word, excel or html.
Simply open, read, look through, edit data, and export DBF file. 

QDBF Features:
View DBF file in a convenient easy-to-use interface.
Quickly open the file
Edit and filter data
Change the tab of the the file
Export file to various formats: Excel, HTML or Word
Print selected file elements to column form

And see for more details.


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System Requirements For QDBF:

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD FX or better
Intel Core i3 / AMD FX or better RAM: 4GB
4GB Hard Disk Space: 15GB
15GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 460 2GB / AMD HD 6870 2GB
Nvidia GTX 460 2GB / AMD HD 6870 2GB Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
DirectX 9.0c


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