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Email Sender (Basic Edition) application was designed to be a professional, high-speed, targeted email sending program for advertising, targeted newsletter marketing, and keeping in touch with clients. You don’t need to worry about unreliable blind relays because this bulk mailer sends out mails in MX mode and works like a mail server.
Here are some key features of “SenderBasic”:
■ Email Sender has powerful direct sending ability as it sends without a SMTP server, bypasses your ISP’s mail server, automatically looks up recipients’ e-mail exchange servers, and sends e-mail directly to recipients.
■ Five designer templates come with this email sending software to enhance the look of your newsletters or customized e-mail.
■ The E-Mail Sender mail software is a very fast email sending application based upon multi-threaded delivery. The normal sending speed can go up to 50,000 emails per hour.
■ It is very easy to send email or newsletters in bulk to thousands of subscribers or recipients.
■ This mass mailing tool supports attachment of any format.
■ Supports multi-attachments; both text and html formats are supported.
■ Professional user interface, very easy to use, can be set up in few minutes.
■ Pentium-133 CPU/ 64 MB RAM
■ MS Windows Sockets 2 update
■ 10 uses trial







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Sender Basic, by SenderWeb Technologies, is an amazing mailer application, that will help you send out customized newsletters and custom email marketing promotions to thousands of recipients with ease. It is a professional bulk email sender, and can send emails, bulk submissions, newsletters, HTML formatted emails and calendars to thousands of recipients, in just a few mouse clicks. The Sender Basic program can send to millions of users, without the need for any kind of web hosting. A free version is available, with a limited number of threads, however, if you need a more robust solution, the professional version is also available. The professional version does require a license fee, however this helps to keep the product free of charge for the end users, and this helps us to keep the product under the GPL license. You can download the Sender Basic free version from their website

UnixMailer is a highly powerful email sender that can send out email to thousands of recipients. It can also send newsletters and marketing materials to email addresses in almost every format. It can send mail to any IMAP or POP3 server and it can also do other tasks, like counting email, sending mail, or it can be totally disconnected from the server that the emails are stored on.
Programming languages: C, Perl, Tcl
Supported platforms: Linux
Sender Basic Free Edition
The Sender is a advanced bulk sending program written in C++, that uses modules to create a very easy to use user interface. Sender features:
– Compatible with Free Standards for Email (F-S-E)
– Supports both POP3 and IMAP mailboxes
– Works with any server that supports IMAP mailboxes
– Supports sending to email addresses stored in any of the following formats:
– IP address Mail-server host:port
– mailto: URL
– mailto: URL
– cid: HTTP server:
– imap:// host:port Fetch the address from the mail server (requires standard IMAP support)
– / secure server on port 80
– / secure server on port 443
– imap:// host:port Fetch the address from the mail server (requires standard IMAP support)
– pop3:// host:port Fetch the address from the mail server (requires standard POP3 support)
– imaps

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Sender Basic is a program that can be used to send e-mail to contacts automatically.
Not only that, the program can also help in managing lists of your contacts, as well as scheduling emails to be sent at any time.
SenderBasic Serial Key uses an automatic search function that will search a database for contacts with the necessary information.
Sender Basic uses the same format as other Outlook Express e-mail applications, so you don’t need to learn another program.
Sender Basic is a program that can send either text or HTML e-mail. It has a lot of options for users, including the ability to:
– Design a customized e-mail message
– Use a drag and drop interface
– Deliver messages to a mailing list
– Schedule a message to be sent at a specific date and time
– Filter messages by sender, list, or keyword
– Use short or long e-mail addresses
Sender Basic Description:
The Email Sender is a high speed automatic e-mail sender that sends e-mails in bulk. It easily finds the recipient’s e-mail server and sends the message directly to the recipient. It is a great way to send out large groups of messages to people at once and is ideal for sending out newsletters. It is also highly reliable because it does not use SMTP.
The Email Sender uses high-speed delivery methods.
It seamlessly stores e-mails in the recipient’s mailbox and the recipient has the option of filtering out spam.
This is a one-time license.
The Email Sender is a high-speed automatic e-mail sender.
It easily finds the recipient’s e-mail server and sends the message directly to the recipient.

Тhе V2.03 іѕ а ѕоmе оf thе bеѕіtѕ fоr thе реrѕоnаl раrt. It wаѕ аlѕо еvеnсіреd іn аn аlѕо ѕоmе tеmреrs оr еvеrуthіng. Here is a rеаѕоn fоr thе реrѕоnаl раrt bеса

SenderBasic Activator

SenderBasic is an email sender software that allows you to send emails either directly to your SMTP server or via a proxy SMTP server. The application has already set up all the necessary settings for your E-Mail Sender (SMTP, TLS, and authentication) that any email service provider.
SenderBasic is an application that you can send out your customized newsletters, advertising, and marketing campaigns for your clients to a mass of mailing lists. You don’t need to worry about unreliable mail servers because SenderBasic works in MX mode and send mails directly to your recipients. The program comes with five sample templates that will help you enhance the look of your newsletters.
■ Send mass emails at a fast speed of up to 50,000 emails per hour.
■ Send emails to a pool of mailing lists
■ Send bulk email to recipients through ISP’s mail servers
■ SenderBasic supports the sending of HTML documents with attachment of any format
■ Supports auto-reply when recipient’s mailbox is full.
■ SenderBasic comes with three different styles of sending, viz. Mailing, Message, and Publication.
■ SenderBasic has excellent multithreading ability that enables you to work in non-interrupt environment with a maximum number of CPUs available.
■ With this bulk email sending program, you can send email messages to a lot of recipients without any delays.
■ SenderBasic’s user interface is designed in a way that allows you to operate efficiently while being a first-class customer.
■ SenderBasic can be successfully operated by non-technical personnel.
■ SenderBasic’s ability to send directly to the recipients’ mail servers is crucial to your business because the program doesn’t need a conventional SMTP server.
SenderBasic License:
Try it for 30 days!
Use it to send a newsletter or any other marketing campaigns and then send it back to us to get your 30-day full refund!
You may also contact our technical support if any issues with our bulk emailing software.
If you do not like the product or are not satisfied with our product’s service, you may uninstall the product and ask for your money back.
SenderBasic Pricing:
The cost is $29.99 for a 1-Year License.
■ 10 uses trial

Advanced Email Sender (

What’s New in the SenderBasic?

# Send Email instantly to any 2 million email addresses or more. # Take advantage of our Exclusive Direct Sending Service. # Send fast. It takes less than one second to send 50,000 emails per hour. # Sending emails is reliable and secure. The program operates in an independent server mode so you can fully use the throughput of your mail server. # Send Emails in bulk without time limits. No need to wait for sending quota! # SenderBasic is capable of working with both SMTP and POP3/IMAP4 mail servers. # Send Emails with attachments, including EXE, DOC, PPT, ZIP, BMP, JPEG, HTML, and GIF. # Sort Email addresses by name, email, phone, or position.
SenderBasic Features:
# Send E-mail with attachments.
# Send Emails in bulk, without time limits.
# Option for an independent multi-server mail sending module.
# Send Emails on schedule time or when triggered.
# Send E-mail instantly to any 2 million email addresses or more.
# Use unlimited send quota for free.
# Send on schedule time, one or several times per day.
# Send a single e-mail.
# Send different e-mails for every recipient.
# Set up an e-mail server.
# Send Email to any type of e-mail addresses.
# E-mail recipients who receive your e-mail while offline can access your E-mail when Internet is connected.
# Images can be attached.
# Support HTML and images.
# Supports 100 languages.
# Send HTML Mail via our SMTP mail server.
# Supports all major browsers.
# E-mail recipients who do not want to receive your e-mail can easily remove your e-mail with one keystroke.
# Create a customized e-mail service.
# Supports e-mail delivery for multiple recipient groups.
# Support two ways of e-mail delivery.
# Create a two-way relationship between your recipients and your clients.
# SenderBasic has a powerful Delivery Rule engine to deliver e-mails to any type of recipients.
# You can define a set of conditions for delivery such as geographic area, delivery time, recipient groups, and much more.
# Send large number of e-mails. You can set the quota for sending e-mails and you will not exceed the quota.
# E-mail program with comprehensive features.
# Easy and

System Requirements For SenderBasic:

1.8 GHz Processor
4 GB of available disk space
We recommend that you have a video card with 128 MB VRAM.
[Console / KB] Added the following console options: -UseAdvancedCollectionOfPrimitiveTypes
You can now bind your various primitives (e.g. triangles, squares, quads) to a specific axis.
(This also applies to meshes.)
You can bind your meshes to a specific axis. (i.e. no more -Axis 11)

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