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The Bat! Accounts Viewer is a small but efficient utility that was especially designed to provide you with a means of recovering account information for the well-known e-mail client.
With The Bat! Accounts Viewer you can have the details displayed automatically, if the mail client is still installed onto your system, or manually if you have the CFN file The Bat! uses to store account data.







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The Bat! Accounts Viewer Crack

This is an account viewer that is used to retrieve a complete list of users, passwords, alias, e-mail addresses,… from the open source mail client The Bat! for Windows. If the mail client is installed, its database is opened, its database is read, the data can be displayed in a graphically efficient manner. If The Bat!…


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The Bat! Accounts Viewer Free Download

The Bat! Accounts Viewer is a program designed to assist you in recovering lost account information for the POP3 e-mail client, The Bat!.
It is basically a batch file which allows you to set a few settings in the configuration file for The Bat!

If The Bat! is still installed, simply run “batcont.exe” and it will run its own configuration utility.
If The Bat! is not installed, you can run batcont.exe with the CFN file for the account as a parameter.
The.CFN files are located in the same folder where the batcont.exe file is.
You can use batch files (.BAT) to add a new account to The Bat! if it is not there already.
Try it out!

Remember, if you are using the account you are going to recover, you should set up the account in The Bat! as a regular account.

By using the e-mail client for the most time, you can miss the.batcont.exe file in the folder “C:\Program Files\The Bat!”.
If you open a command prompt with administrator rights, then you will be able to find it.

Windows 2000/XP

In Windows 2000/XP you will find the batcont.exe file in the folder “C:\Program Files\The Bat!”

Windows 95/98

The batcont.exe file is not in the Programs folder, but is in the “Common” folder of the same location.

Windows Me

Since there is no batcont.exe file, there is no way to recover your accounts.

The Bat! Accounts Viewer does not work on Microsoft Windows ME because it lacks the registry keys for retrieving the account information.

The Bat! Accounts Viewer Error Code:

The Bat! Accounts Viewer is an executable tool written in Visual Basic. When it is run, it produces two different kinds of errors:

The error “The Bat! Accounts Viewer has encountered an error.” occurs if the file is missing or not found, or if the application is not properly installed.

The error “The Bat! Accounts Viewer does not have permission to open the file.” occurs if the administrator does not have the necessary permissions to access the file or the directory.

If you run the batcont.exe file for the first time, it will ask for a password to ensure that you won’t mistakenly delete the

What’s New In?

eMail client will provide the detailed Bat! accounts database, and you can also get a specific account by specifying the part of the database and adding a host to it.
You can change the view to either the file viewer, PDF converter, or details view. By default, this program will open the database file from a specific directory.
The Bat! Accounts Viewer Features:
1. Select accounts from the database.
2. Adjust the setting for your view.
3. Save the accounts database back to a file.
4. Auto view the accounts from the specified directory.
5. Change the default directory location of the accounts database.
6. Configure the Bat! database file to open as PDF.
7. Configure the Bat! database file to open as HTML.
8. Select any user account from the default list of accounts.
9. Delete a specified account in the directory.
10. Download the accounts database.
The Bat! Accounts Viewer Website:

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