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If you're into fiction and prefer scrolling your eyes through plain text to wonder off in mystical lands of imagination but just don't have the time to sit and read, audio books are just what you're looking for. Found as simple audio files, these let you enjoy stories virtually wherever you are. What WorkAudioBook wants to do is let you listen and create or modify corresponding subtitles.
Modern and visually appealing design
The application sports an appealing design, with polished menus and buttons, perfectly fitting in this decade. By default, it resembles a compact audio player, with large buttons for playback, volume and progress sliders, as well as a wave audio representation. Hitting the “Show” button lets you bring up the tools you actually get to work with, storing them in individual tabs not to overwhelm you.
Comprehensive subtitle editing tools
One of the first steps consists of opening an audio book, which needs to be under the MP3 format, otherwise conversion is required. It's not possible to drag it over the main window, but the open dialog is easy enough to use. If the book also contains subtitles, you can load them in order to enjoy the story while having words in plain sight.
On the other hand, you're free to take your time and create subtitles yourself. A few tools are at your disposal for this task and mostly consist of writing. A little knowledge is required in order to make synchronization flawless.
However, you can use a writing practice feature to quickly get an idea. The application plays specific parts of the file for which you need to write what you hear. You can keep a part repeating to get it right. There are also options to have the subtitle automatically saved so you don't accidentally lose it.
To sum it up
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that WrokAudioBook is a neat application authors can use to deliver their books in electronic formats with the full experience, or by enthusiasts to read and listen at the same time. Its polished interface makes it fun to use, while the set of features and overall layout convinces you to take it at least for a spin.







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WorkAudioBook is a subtitle editor for audio book fans who prefer to read ebooks while having the book in plain sight. It’s the full audio version of the book you’ve already downloaded from the store. Open an audio book with the familiar interface found in most audio players, then click to open the subtitle layer. Use the tools to write and synchronize the text with the audio.
Subtitle writing
High-quality professional video and voice quality
Create transparent subtitles
Split texts into chapters and other segements
Automatically synchronize text with audio
Automatically saves subtitles
Support for text and multiple languages
Audio book Finder, a category in Goodreads with free books for reading and listening

They are now a household name, but Text Editors are the ultimate dream for anyone wanting to do more with their computer and create a program that will make them almost disappear. From the basic programs that do very little, to those that do everything, and everything in between, in this article we will find 10 Text Editors that every user should be using in order to make their lives easier.

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2) Sublime Text 2

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3) Xcode

Xcode is Apple’s tool for developing apps for the iPhone, iPad and even the Mac App Store. It’s a programming environment by itself and can be used to develop anything from an easy social network site to something far more complex. It comes with a separate app for building and debugging your apps, which is especially useful when programming across platforms. It also includes a tutorial system and a comprehensive design system for designing UIs.

4) Automator

Automator is Apple’s program for

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Extract subtitles from audio files with a few easy steps and store the results in the files.

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But, it’s not easy! Copyediting is a skill that people simply don’t talk about enough. In this guide, I’m going to teach you the basics of editing; how to do a reading of your story and find the problems you might have missed, including providing constructive criticism.
This is a combo tutorial/webinar. In the first part, we’re going to read through your story, from start to finish, while looking for common errors.
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Music by Perry Mealing

If you’re into fiction and prefer scrolling your eyes through plain text to

WorkAudioBook 1547 Crack

Listening and creating subtitles in a few simple steps – It’s that easy!
• Turn your audio files into completely personalized e-books and audio books:
• Transfer your audio books to the WorkAudioBook app
• Join your own audiobooks with your own voice recordings
• Import and edit your own subtitle files for your audio book
• Open easy to understand dialog for children, women, cars, etc.
• Easy to use and monitor functions for anyone.
• Support multi languages:…

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What’s New In?

After having spent countless hours listening to audio book on my Ipod touch, I really was in need of a way to create my own audio books. This is when I came across this app called “WorkAudioBook”. This app uses your voice and a computer to make a book. You speak the words into the app, which translates the words into an audible book. I can do this on my Mac OS system, but also on my iPhone, by syncing the app with my iPhone. I use the Mac version of the app to make the book on my Mac and have it saved on my iPhone. Once the Book is made, you can save it to your hard drive and listen to it on your iPhone or ipod touch. The app also is compatible with Windows computers. The interface of the app can be described as being very easy to use. I had no problem getting used to it after trying it out a little bit. This is also a very cool app to use if you don’t have a great voice or are hard of hearing. I found it very easy to understand what I was saying in the app. I didn’t have any issues with the interface after just using it for a little bit of time. I am very interested in seeing what more this app can do when it comes to publishing books. Once this is complete, I will give it 5 star rating. I hope this helps.

Updated Oct 17, 2010

User Ratings

5 stars
from 2 ratings.

WorkAudioBook is a free application. You can download it on your computer from
the Apple iTunes Store, and read the latest version of the user manual and
frequently asked questions (FAQs) on our website. Try the free
version before buying!

I am also a user of this app. It’s a really great program! I have several
books that I have recorded my voice over. It is really easy to use.
It generates the text in e-book format to make the book.

The question that this review leaves me with is, how does this app generate
subtitles when you do not record your own voice, but rather use the audio
of a book? Is there any way to do this? No, not that I know of, but perhaps
there is.

I can understand where people would want to create their own subtitles to
go along with a book that they have recorded.

System Requirements For WorkAudioBook:

Windows Vista or later
Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) or later
MacPorts (build 3.2.0 or later)
Building Requirements:
MAC: Apple Xcode (4.5 or later)
UNIX: Autoconf (2.68 or later)
WINDOWS: Visual Studio 2013 (8 or later)
Android Development Requirements:
Android SDK installed with Developer Preview SDK or later (1.0.1 or later)

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