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XmlCatalog is a tool designed to catalog and browse your music, videos and pictures. You can use the tool to create a catalog or to open one that you have already created in XML format. You can also save the catalog in XML format.
XML catalogs can be browsed and managed in the same way as a physical media catalog. The tool has a powerful filter feature that allows you to define sets of folders for quick and efficient catalog management. Drag and drop support is also supported.
– Create a catalog to hold your music, videos and pictures.
– Add multiple file types to a catalog or a single file type.
– Sort the files by name, size or date.
– Add folders to a catalog and keep track of their contents.
– Drag and drop files or folders to a catalog.
– Find files based on their name.
– Browse a catalog or the contents of one you have previously created in XML format.
– Save a catalog in XML format.
– Keep track of your backup folders.
– Add files to multiple catalogs.
– Add a password to each catalog.
– Backup catalogs on CD or DVD.
– Export catalogs to HTML format.
– Exports to CSV format.
– Removes duplicate files and folders from a catalog.
– Add dates and times to your catalogs.
– Define a default catalog for each drive.
– Define a default image for each drive.
– Add metadata to files.
– View a list of files or folders in a catalog.
– Compress and extract ZIP archives.
– Batch extract ZIP archives.
– Import ZIP archives into a catalog.
– Import XML catalogs created with XmlCatalog.
– Email catalogs to a friend.
– Generate a count-down timer.

XmlCatalog for Windows 8.1 is an intuitive way to organize and manage your media files. Its intuitive graphical interface makes it easier and more accessible than ever.With XmlCatalog for Windows 8.1, you can easily create and manage your media collection.
– Create a catalog to hold your music, videos and pictures, or add them to an existing catalog.
– Drag files and folders from your computer to add them to the catalog.
– Or choose to browse through all of the music, videos and photos on your computer.
– Sort files by name, size or date.
– Create a folder

XmlCatalog Crack + [Mac/Win] [Latest]

XmlCatalog Torrent Download is a software for sorting, managing and organizing media file collections in XML format. It allows you to build catalogs containing media files, arrange them according to categories, make settings and edit data. Supports all types of media files, including: photos, videos, music, audio, documents, e-books, templates, data files etc.


Snapshot of the main screen of XmlCatalog before adding some media files.

A list of files that are to be added. A file can be double-clicked or dragged and dropped to the list.

Add the file to the catalog by clicking the Add button. If you want to edit any file, a new window will open automatically.

The file is added to the catalog. If you want, you can edit a file using the Add button.

A number of options displayed on the left part of the main screen.

Option 1: General

Option 2: Files

Option 3: Settings

Option 4: Options

A file is double-clicked or dragged and dropped onto the list of files. If you want to edit any file, a new window will open automatically.

The picture is opened. You can edit it by using the buttons on the bottom of the window.

You can rename files and folders using the File Manager.

You can sort files according to the date of creation or in alphabetical order. You can create as many as you want.

The snapshot after the first file has been sorted according to the date of creation.

The snapshot after the second file has been sorted according to the date of creation.

You can create as many as you want and arrange them in any way you want. You can also merge directories.

The snapshot after the first file has been merged.

The snapshot after the second file has been merged.

The snapshot after the first file has been merged.

The snapshot after the second file has been merged.

The snapshot after the first file has been merged.

The snapshot after the second file has been merged.

The snapshot after the first file has been merged.

The snapshot after the second file has been merged.

The snapshot after the first file has been merged.

The snapshot after the second file has been merged.

The snapshot after the first file has been merged.

The snapshot after the second

XmlCatalog [Win/Mac] (2022)

XmlCatalog is a new, innovative catalog manager designed to help you create, browse, organize, play and manage your media collection using a simple graphical interface.
XmlCatalog Features:
Batch rename of files and folders to any combination of the basic numbers and alphabets.
Preset folders templates.
Automatic mounting of images and archives when added to the catalog.
Simple zip compression to get better disk space management.
Preview images, archives, zip folders and other files.
Browse your files and directories by size or date.
Multiple catalogs management with drag and drop between them.
Additional disk space using “Tasks” menu.
Search for a file by a simple expression.
Remove a file from the catalog by a simple click.
Mark a file as “read” to watch it with a pre-chosen player.
Export your data to CSV or HTML files.
Create customizable actions using an XML based configuration file.
See all your files and directories in a tree view like structure.
Built in preview of all image, archive, zip, folder and file types.
Simple settings menu.
XmlCatalog Screenshots:

XmlCatalog is a new catalog software that allows users to organize and manage their media collections easily.
It sports a simple, intuitive and lightweight user interface that doesn’t require any complicated setup prior to the actual usage.
You can save catalogs in xml format to easily manage your files.
You can also add your custom folders. You can use it to organize and manage files on your computer.
The main window sports a number of nice tools at your disposal like Batch renaming, preset folders, image mounting and batch compression among others.
Moreover, you can preview your files, images, archives and other files.
You can export the catalog in html format or to a CSV file.
Information can also be exported to a text document.
It supports multiple catalogs management and drag and drop between them.
All in all, XmlCatalog is a really nice application that you could use to manage media files on your computer.
XmlCatalog Screenshots:

Video Screenshot:

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Note: The free version of XmlCatalog requires a serial key to be registered to unlock the full version. Before you

What’s New In XmlCatalog?

XmlCatalog (Windows) is a free program that allows you to catalog, organize and manage your personal media files.
It is a very light tool, which is easy to use and install.
You can manage all of your media files in multiple catalogs.
Organize your files, so that they can be found easily.
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System Requirements For XmlCatalog:

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Processor: 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: Direct 3D compatible video card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1 GB
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Best viewed at 1024 x 768 or larger on high screen resolution
We recommend the latest version of Internet Explorer 8 or higher for the best performance.
OS: Mac OS X 10.5


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