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Zilla is a tool designed to make the management of your Flickr accounts more efficient. The tool comes with a single window interface that contains the main functions displayed in a tab, namely Upload and Download. While overall simplistic, the magic of the tool is behind the interface and one of the things you are likely to appreciate is that the upload function replicated the folder structure from your PC and build albums with the same name as the connected folders. Needless to say that this can save you a lot of time in the long run.
Another noteworthy feature is that the program keeps track of the uploaded media and provides alerts regarding duplicates. This feature is designed to be continuous and so you can avoid uploading the same files that you may have misplaced in different folders. In case you reboot your PC for whatever reason, the tool resumes from where it left from, so you do not have to start all over again and check what was uploaded already.
Maintains the metadata and supports full resolution of all your media
It is worth mentioning that the resolution of your media along with its metadata is maintained so that you can find the files you want any time easier. In the eventuality that you are using Flickr to store your portfolio or photo collections and would like to be able to manage the media content uploaded and stored better, then perhaps you can consider giving Zilla a try.Chrysophyllum cainito

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The most likely reason why someone would choose to find a substitute for Flickr is because the photo sharing website is notorious for slow uploads and automatic backups. But Zilla comes with an interesting update that solves those issues.
Zilla is a tool that addresses Flickr users who want to be able to manage their albums more efficiently and make sure that they do not lose their work, portfolios or memories.
Creates automatic backups and checks for dupes.
The tool comes with a single window interface that contains the main functions displayed in a tab, namely Upload and Download.
-Photo Library Clean-Up
Photos found in Flickr’s albums are categorized and every single upload into a set. There is nothing wrong with that but having to waste precious time checking each album for duplicates can be painstaking.
By contrast, with Zilla every photo found in Flickr’s albums is categorized as soon as you launch the tool. The program also makes sure that your uploaded media is automatically backed up every day.
Additionally, Zilla checks for duplicates every time you launch the application and an alert is displayed if a photo is uploaded more than once. This feature can help you avoid uploading the same file in different albums.
-Photo Library Clean-Up
-Related Photo Download
If you keep transferring photos from the same Flickr album to an external storage device or another internal storage, then you are likely to find that you end up with duplicate photos. Once again, the program, Zilla, detects any such duplicates and eliminates them.
The developer of the tool includes all the media in the original location as well as that found elsewhere in your Flickr account.
-FTP & Webdav Support
Zilla supports FTP and Webdav file transfer protocols. And this means that you are not limited to the upload and download of media stored in your Flickr account.
Another remarkable feature of Zilla is that it supports Full resolution uploads. This feature indicates that your photos have all their metadata intact. Hence you can save and load photos as desired because they will be categorized properly.
Moreover, the program updates the photo resolution automatically based on the file format. This ensures that your photo is resized automatically.
-FTP & Webdav Support
And, the tool comes with a single window interface that contains the main functions displayed in a tab, namely Upload and Download.
-FTP & Webdav Support
-Photo Library Clean-Up
-Parent Album Downgrade

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Gain control over your Flickr account and access the media on your computer with Zilla. The program is able to maintain the metadata of your images and to download your images if you do not have control over the rights on your account. It can also schedule your uploads so that you can upload your images automatically or on a set schedule. Zilla also enables you to backup your images and your media files with a batch process or sequentially.

You can drag and drop folders for easier management. All the relevant data such as the filename, the size of the file and its resolution are also displayed and this is for easier management. You can download, upload, schedule and backup your images. Other functions include the ability to check which images are duplicates. You can restrict the permission to your images to an entire folder or to your account. All the media files are indexed and the album resolution is also preserved when downloaded. The program has a very simple interface and can be used with any version of Windows.
Supported cloud storage accounts:





Zilla Download

The Zilla download is a client application for the extension and we were impressed with how Zilla handles the synchronization process, supports various image formats and its simplicity. There are only a few things you need to do in order to get this tool going and the upload process is done automatically by the extension.1. Field of the Invention
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What’s New In?

With the Zilla software, you can not only upload your files to Flickr but also transfer them to a FTP server. Or even better, you can archive all your photos on your PC and upload them to the cloud using an FTP server.
The program supports transfers of any kind of media. You can upload photos from various devices like DSLRs, smart phones and tablets, for example, as well as photos from your camera roll, photo albums and folders on your computer. You can easily convert jpg, jpeg, tiff and gif files into the standardized jpg, jpeg and jpgx formats.
The program is able to convert files to the highly compatible jpgx format, which is the mandatory format used by Flickr. It also supports MOV, ASF, WMV, PSP, OGM, 3GP, MP4 and more. What is more, you will be able to upload your content to FTP servers (in addition to Flickr) and you will be able to download both the files as well as the metadata.
The program can transfer a mass amount of files using batch processing. In addition, it allows you to organize the media into albums and you can categorize it into folders. Zilla does not require any special account, only a valid email address with sufficient privileges. The program only requires a user name and password and does not ask for a credit card.
Program Features:

Allows to upload photos from various devices including camera roll, photo albums, folders, and others.
Offers support for Photoshop, Lightroom and other photo editing applications.
Supports mass upload of multiple files.
Compresses files in order to decrease the size of media files (up to 95%).
Creates albums for the uploaded media.
Enables to archive photos stored on the computer.
Allows to download the media along with its metadata.
Integrates with multiple sites including Flickr, FTP, and others.
Allows to convert photos to other popular formats.
Makes use of the smart photos browser.
Support for creation of batches of files.
Optionally allows to sync your data across multiple computers.

Operating System: Windows

Zilla Free Version:

As mentioned before, the free version of the Zilla software offers no major differences from the full version.

Zilla Trial Version:

A free trial version of the Zilla software allows you to use it at no cost. However, the trial version only includes five photo uploads as well

System Requirements:

• System Requirements:
Windows XP SP3 or later.
1 GHz Processor.
512 MB RAM (1024 MB is strongly recommended).
Windows Aero/Composite-capable video card with 128 MB RAM (256 MB is strongly recommended).
Minimum 1 GB available disk space.
For more information on the system requirements of this game, please visit our official website.
*This game does not include the English package. However, the full version of the game will be included in an English version when that version is released.


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