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Breathless Shankar Mahadevan Download Free Full Song


Enjoy the music of the new age “Breathless” performed by the famous artist “Shankar Mahadevan”. “The Elements of Sound” is an amazing space where, along with fictional characters and characters, we are captured by the melodic voice of Sharad. And this magic of music is worth hearing it. It fascinates, surprises, enchants. Lyrics of the song: “The only people I know for me are my parents and brother. They gave me everything in life. I love them and would always like to be with them. The only person who understands me is my mother. She says with me every day. She is my sister. She is responsible for me and for my whole existence. And when I hear her voice, I feel warm and pleasant. That is how I feel with her. But my ancestors have always been and remain, my family, my friends, my people. I want to give them a part of me.” This is an open space for someone who has the courage to be himself. This space is for those who play, but are not afraid. For those who are carried away by the same force as me. For those who need someone who will understand, accept, support. For a musician who goes his own way in music. For everyone . To give, to create, to sound like music.



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