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Motu Patlu Video Download 720p 64


Motu Patlu | हिंदी कार्टून | Motu Patlu in Hindi | 2019 | Hajane Ki taalash. The death of the righteous Muavisa ibn Anas. If not for Muawiyah, Ibn Asad al-Sulami would have become king. In addition, the righteous Musa ibn Maryam and Musa, the son of Maryam – they are the same, but after Muawiya. Why did Muawiya die? Summary. Muawiya was killed by his son Khalid ibn Umar. If Muawia had been in battle, he would not have survived. Muammar is four years old. In the old days, Muammar could be killed at two years old, right there, humanly. There were no reasons. Note: Khalid ibn Abu Umar and Muammar were not fourteen. For Islam, this is the age of puberty. What a difference between a fourteen year old teenager and fourteen year old adults. Muamara has a fear of butt and everything happens to him. Big war for a boy, he has no ass. If Muamaria had not been born, another would have been born. Again: Muawiyah is the eldest son in the family. He was twenty something. If Khalid would have been in battle instead of him, Muamaria would have been fifteen. Well, and medicine. Under Muawid, death came. “And it happened: one young man from my slaves said: “Our master is with us and as long as we belong to him, we will have no sleep, no rest, no heart, no breath.” Scales to the wing of an ass dog. It’s about Muavo. What does she need? Muawa took a supply of food and left the palace. “(And so) Muave said: “What is the matter with you, O Commander of the Faithful? You are sick?” He answered: “I am sick, my lord, with a disease.” And so that he would not get sick, did not sleep and did not breathe, he took a supply of food. What kind of disease is not explained. I would also order the eunuchs to strangle innocent children. No, Khalid has no disorders, good fellow. For me, killing like that for no reason at all. It is not clear why. It’s, like, not Iblis. And according to Mukhailis



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