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The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic concepts and structure of the architecture of application protocols (application protocols that support the operation of EtherNET multiprotocol technology).
Program 1C Accounting 8 version Accounting for fixed assets. Configuration “Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Belarus” version 3.0 (0.5 hours). Ethernet protocols.
1C:Enterprise 8. Client license for 1 workplace. Connects a computer to the Internet and allows from other PCs in the local network and in the corporate network through one Internet channel (without speed limit).
How to download a file via torrent? How to download files via torrent. How to create a torrent file? Several ways to download files through torrent trackers.
Features of working with various operating systems and software products (drivers, libc library, driver packaging programs, etc.). addressing systems.
In the process of studying communication software based on communication protocols or, more often, their implementation at various levels of abstraction, one should define and describe various types of
Ether 0 Socket Finder is a program for diagnosing EtherChannel network interfaces. Everything you need to diagnose EtherCAT networks is done in a few clicks.
Network diagnostics problem – this course covers the simplest network diagnostics procedure in the EtherComstat environment. After completing this course, the user will be able to perform network diagnostics for any
Confidential information and its protection against unauthorized access (Data Protection). 1C Accounting reporting for 2010. Launch and command interfaces.
Setting up a connection to a remote server (via VPN). Solving problems with connecting to a remote server via a local network. Working with client-server applications in EtherCOM.
Terminology – Part 1 [email protected] Go to Terminology – Part 1 1. Socket components. What is a socket.
A certificate certifying that the training courses under the program “1C: Enterprise 8” have been completed in full. This certificate should indicate the date of passage



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