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I am a music producer, songwriter, artist and director based in Atlanta. An actor who has played, acted in and starred in many films and television shows. My favorite films are Operation Argo and Scent of a Woman. Favorite TV series “Lost” and the movie “Titanic”. Favorite series: Mad Men, Lie to Me, Dexter, Life on Mars, Vikings, Beverly Hills 90210. Favorite episode of Doctor Who is Pentagram. Favorite TV show is Tail Wags the Dog. Favorite movie characters are Indiana Jones, Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Hamill, David Duchovny, Kirk Douglas.Favorite songs – “Don’t Stop Me Now”, “The Beatles”, “Don’t Take A Pill”. Favorite books – “singing in the thorns”. The favorite artist is Marilyn Manson. Beloved director – Lars von Trier. Favorite TV series “Tabu”, “Parts of the Body”, “Secret Materials”. The favorite group is “The Beach Boys”. The favorite writer is Stephen King. Favorite artist – Oscar for the painting “Modigliani”. Favorite games – Chess, Poker, Mafia. , “Monopoly”. Love any fast riding, snowboard, skiing and skating. Favorite clothing brand – Marc Jacobs. Favorite dish – goat cheese with garlic, cocktails. Favorite food – stew eggplants with meat. Favorite drinks – champagne and cola. Love moments from the film “Bronnosets Potemkin” – for example, when Pilate says, turning to Jesus: “You are a cross” or like Jesus, going crazy with pain, shouts: “Cutting it!” (And in the Russian version: “Scoundrel! He killed Christ!”). Favorite films, TV shows, books – Movies about James Bond, comedy “Once in Hollywood”, “Magnificent Seed”, “Friends”, “Big Lebovski”. Love Group – Mumiy Troll. The favorite book is “Othello”. Family films are “Edward’s hands-scissors”, “Alien”. Liu



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