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how can I set an NSTableView column width programatically?

I have an NSTableView and I want to set the width of one of its columns programatically.
I’ve figured out the following:
NSRect sourceRect = NSMakeRect(x, y, width, height);
NSArray* cells = [tableColumn arrangedObjects];

NSInteger index = [tableColumn indexOfItem:cell];

// set the column size
// NSString* columnTitle = [tableColumn.title mutableCopy];
// [columnTitle retain];
// columnTitle = [NSString stringWithUTF8String:[columnTitle cStringUsingEncoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding]];
// CFStringRef cellData = (CFStringRef)cell;
// if (cellData == NULL)
// {
// cellData = (CFStringRef)cell;
// [cellData retain];
// }
// CFStringRef cellHeader = (CFStringRef)cell;
// NSInteger columnSize = [cellHeader length];

NSUInteger arrayElement = [cells count];
NSUInteger width = sourceRect.size.width;

NSSize cellSize = [[NSValue valueWithSize:CGSizeMake(width, 32.0f)] autorelease];
[columnTitle sizeToFit];

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[FULL] Hizashi No Naka No Ds Rom
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Pulling files off the Internet is a bad idea… how does something like this even happen? it’s a flash player thingy? it’s not like you download an emulator or a emulator you just get this while playing a game of virsion 4: Emulator Directory
Find the SMF version of a.DS file for a game, find the.PRG/.PRG2/.D64(?) file for a.EXE, and then patch the PRG using an EXE patcher or similar. Make sure you grab the entire file from the archive and not just the zip because that file can be compressed, and a.zip file can have other files in it.
The best way is to grab the.EXE and.PRG files from rom-o-matic ( Make sure you grab the right EXE and PRG and check that there are not any other files.


Python dictionary from MySQL query

I am converting data from MySQL to python dictionary. The goal is to be able to search the database by using a string as key and value as the corresponding search result. For example, I would like the search to yield the result of all records that contain ‘John’. I currently have the following data in the database:
ID Name | Value
1 John Doe | 4
2 Samuel Matthew | 1
3 Samuel James |




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