Mss32 Dll Ail Set Stream Volume 8

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Mss32 Dll Ail Set Stream Volume 8



This error occurs primarily when an application is unable to find the DLL library. You may also see the error due to a dll file gone corrupt, if it is an.sys file (this is the case with DirectSound, DirectMusic, WinMM, and MSS).

mss32.dll is a dynamic link library. The error of not being able to find it
happens when the debugger is trying to load it, and the path where it was
located (Windows\System32) is not on the Current Working Directory.

How to solve it:

Make sure that you are running the code under the same path of the DLL file.
Edit/Add the DLL path to the $Path system variable, or use the %PATH% environmental variable, if not using a system variable:

If you are using Windows Vista/7, right click on the system icon at the bottom right, select Properties, Advanced, Environment Variables, then add the path to the system variable.
If you are using Windows XP/2000, use the control panel to add the path.

Re-download the file from:


If this fixes your problem.
If the problem still exists:

Using Process Monitor you can see if a file is associated with your DLL file

Does it make a difference if this file is located in Windows\System32 or

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Jul 8, 2014
I try to set stream volume with my virtual usb in the gta vice city 6 PC . I can not so how could I solve it?
Oct 30, 2015
I tried to load mss32.dll and set stream volume to it. It showed error message. “the procedure entry point _AIL_set_stream_volume@8 could not be located in the dynamic link library mss32.dll.” What can I do to resolve this problem?
What’s happened?
all of them are meaningless.


If you are using GTAVC6.exe version 4.03.24 or up then its the GTA Vice City and heres a simple fix for this issue.
Downloaded GTAVC6.exe from this link, and copy GtaVc6_x64_vc142_update.exe then change the “Red flag” in the “GameID” field to 3.03.64.
Then launch GTAVC6.exe, when the game loads it will ask you to select Vice City, from there you should have Steam working again.

package scheduler

import (


// Module registers modules to scheduler
func Module(r *iris.Response) {
r.ViewName = “scheduler”

// Routing
if m := r.FormValue(“url”); len(m) > 0 {
r.AddParam(“url”, m)

// GET
m := r.GET()
if len(m) > 0 {

m := r.POST()
if len(m) > 0 {

// PUT
m := r.PUT()
if len(m) > 0 {

m := r.DELETE()
if len(m) > 0 {

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