Naturellement (2002)













Naturellement (2002)


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You use naturally to indicate that you think something is very obvious and not at all surprising in the circumstances. When things go wrong, all of us naturally .
You use naturally to indicate that you think something is very obvious and not at all surprising in the circumstances. When things go wrong, all of us naturally .
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In the English language, particularly in colloquial English, we often say one thing but mean another. For example, the phrase “It’s so natural” may mean either “It’s a natural state of affairs” (it would be ‘natural’ for things to turn out this way) or “It’s a natural thing to do” (it would be ‘natural’ if things turned out this way). In this way, the word ‘natural’ can carry two or more meanings at the same time.
In the French language, there are two words that have similar meanings. These two words are naturel and naturelle. In the French language, the word naturelle is used to describe feelings or instincts of people who are prone to having feelings or instincts that are less in line with the norms for a society, or are considered to be eccentric.
The word naturelle in the French language is more likely to be used in a negative light than the word ‘natural’ in the English language. This is the only way that the meaning of the French word corresponds to the English word.
The French word naturelle is derived from the word nature. In the French language, the word nature has a meaning that is very similar to the meaning that it has in the English language. This French word means ‘natural’, and it can be used both for things that are natural and for people who have a natural attitude.
The French word naturelle has a similar meaning to the English word ‘natural’, and it has a similar meaning to the word ‘natural’. It has to be used in a negative way, because the French word has a negative connotation to it.
In the French language, the word naturel has a positive connotation. It can mean ‘natural’, but it also means ‘being of nature’, and ‘being just the way things should be’.
How do I say ‘natural’ in French or ‘natural’ in English?
In the English language, ‘natural’ often means ‘that which is natural’ or ‘that which


Naturellement (2002)

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import java.text.MessageFormat;
import java.util.Locale;
import java.util.Objects;


public class EnumValue implements Comparable {
private final String name;
private final String description;
private final String value;

* Creates an EnumValue with the given name, description, and value.
* @param name
* the name of the enum
* @param description
* a textual description of the enum
* @param value
* the value of the enum
* @param locale
* the locale to be used if a localized value is required
public EnumValue(
final String name,
final String description,
final String value,
final Locale locale) {
this(name, description, value);

// LocalizedValue should always be implicitly set to null here.
// This prevents any static analysis from flagging the users of this
// class as potentially having a null state. It’s OK for the value to
// be null.

* Creates an EnumValue for the given



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