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Authors Chapter 2 Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds chapter 2 Organic Chemical and The second volume of the Stereochemistry of Organic compounds is the second volume of the textbook covering the subject of Stereochemistry of Organics.
get this from a library! Stereochemistry of organic compounds. [E. Eliel; S. Wilen; L. Mander] — This volume covers static aspects of .


First of all your question is a little vague, but I think your second question has been answered by @NelsonStookey.
Your first question is simply ‘How does the author propose to explain the lack of stereochemical information given to students who have not already studied stereochemistry?’
The author provides two answers.

The ‘classical’ answer is that students should already have a
comprehensive knowledge of stereochemistry before they enter a
stereochemistry course.
The second way to answer the question is to provide greater focus on
the usefulness of stereochemistry by viewing it as a tool in organic

These answers are described in the following sections:

The classical approach

Useful in introducing the concept
Most of the student’s basic concepts of stereochemistry (chiral centre, structural resolution)

The second approach

Provide theoretical background

Why is it important?

What they propose is that students should first learn about the stereochemistry of molecules from a theoretical perspective, before touching any’real’ molecule.

Consideration should be given to:

Organic structure and bonding – this will allow the student to view stereochemistry as a tool in organic chemistry.
The stereochemistry of simple molecules – the student can view stereochemistry as a tool to understand the significance of stereochemistry of biologically important molecules.


Is it possible to show that any of these ‘classical’ or’second’ approach will work?
Is the author stating that he or she does not ‘know’ if these two approaches work?
Can the approach be ‘corrected’ if students fail to ‘get’ stereochemistry?


Clearly the author has thought about the problem and come up with a solution.
This seems to indicate the author is confident in the answers they have provided.

I would class the first approach as ‘classical’ and the second approach as’second’.
I would not expect


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