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The crystal that is still stuck in the.When the Seahawks draft Mike Leach as their new head coach Monday, the choice will be looked at as a rebuilding project.

That’s what Seattle needs.

But if they win.

But if Seattle loses.

Then why do it?

I don’t think they really need to hit a reset button. That is, come back to the Seahawks roster and start over. Because they are already there.

“It’s like a recipe,” Pete Carroll told me after the NFC Championship Game. “We need to remember every ingredient. We don’t need to redo the recipe.”

That was just before game seven, when Seattle was down 7-3 and Nate Washington ran the ball into the end zone. It was the halftime cookout of the Super Bowl. His coach was talking about the confetti that would come down if Seattle won.

That’s the context.

“We’ve been working really hard at a lot of different things, and we need to get the rest of the team ready to follow,” Carroll told me. “Then we’ll get more athletes to come in and help us.

“We don’t need to go back to A.C. and know we need to start over with these guys again, but you have to do that anyway. There’s a lot of different reasons why a team has to reload.”

That’s what to expect from the 2017 Seahawks. I’d expect a little more urgency than we saw during the ’16 offseason, when Seattle set to work on improving the o-line, the backfield, the secondary, the linebacking corps and the defensive line.

I’d expect more urgency, but I’d expect less.

When Seattle does things well, they do it well. And when they do badly, they do badly, which would be considered a second-half collapse.

The Seahawks should expect a little drama.

Mike Sando, of, was writing about the interesting relationship between Dan Quinn and Mike

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Google™ Translate? Microsoft™ Translator? Microsoft’s Translator App is a web application that enables. Microsoft Translator is a web application that enables you to translate websites,. and compared to the free Google translator.An earthquake shook the Great Lake region of northwestern Lake Superior on Nov. 30, 2017, at a magnitude of 4.5. The earthquake, which hit at about 11:16 p.m., was centered near the city of Duluth and was felt as far south as the Twin Cities and as far east as Detroit.

A train derailed Wednesday morning in upstate New York after getting stuck on a bridge, causing sporadic traffic delays. Railroad officials said the train became stuck on a 2,400-foot bridge over the St. Lawrence River near the town of Clayton.

Across the world, there are all kinds of earthquakes and a range of causes. You’ll find fault lines, volcanoes, landslides, and big waves – sometimes all at the same time. There are also lots of ways to measure the shaking.

Read on to learn about major earthquakes and the best ways to measure them.

When people think of Earth, they usually think of a pretty big ball spinning in space. But the planet is more complicated than that. There are hundreds of thousands of volcanoes, and many of them spew fluids into the atmosphere that we see as clouds.

Read on to learn about how Earth works.

Earth’s tectonic plates are shifting, which is leading to earthquakes and volcanoes. Here are some of the ways it happens.

Sometimes, when a scientist is looking at an earthquake, there’s something that isn’t quite right.

Well, not always. Sometimes, when a scientist is looking at an earthquake, there’s something that isn’t quite right.

Maybe it’s a big earthquake in a remote part of the world that’s affecting ocean currents or weather that could have an impact on you. Or maybe something just feels really wrong.

When you think of yourself, the Earth, and of course the moon, your mind tends to go straight to science fiction. After all, we already know how little the Earth and moon are alike.

But while the Earth, moon and the Sun are bound together, it’s not a perfect match. The tides we feel, for example, come from the gravitational pull

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