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Cracked. you must download. Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold V16 Keygen Crack. WhatsUp Gold v16.1 Installation and Configuration Guide Contents .#ifdef USE_CUDNN
#include “caffe/util/cudnn.hpp”

#define CUDNN_DIG_DONE 0x40000000
#define CUDNN_CHECK_VERSION(maj, min) \
((CUDNN_VERSION_MAJOR * 100 + CUDNN_VERSION_MINOR) == ((maj) * 100 + (min)))

namespace caffe {

int CUDNN_CHECK_VERSION(unsigned int major, unsigned int minor)
return CUDNN_CHECK_VERSION(major, minor);

namespace cudnn {

ublasMatrix get_rng(unsigned int seed, bool deterministic)
if(CUDNN_DIG_DONE == CUDNN_DIG(cudnnRandomGenerator_winograd()))
return ublasMatrix();
return ublasMatrix().setRandom();

} // namespace cudnn

} // namespace caffe

#endif // USE_CUDNN
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