Modde 9.1 Umetrics.30

Modde 9.1 Umetrics.30


Modde 9.1 Umetrics.30

Software Elements:
The functionality of VOCs can be grouped into three main categories: 1. Scalability: The size of the database and components must not be limited by hardware issues. 2. Data Management: VOCs also require the management and storage of data-specific metadata. 3. Analysis: VOCs can be used to analyze the acquired data as well as fit the data to corresponding mathematical models.The request for $2 million in emergency aid to repair the crumbling port of Calais appears not to have been taken seriously by British officials. “It’s only a few tons,” a source in the French port, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, told our reporter on Sunday.

“It’s equivalent to a few hundred tins of rabbit food,” said the source, adding that nobody at the port was likely to notice the request.

Britain has been working on the idea for a few days.

Before the town was closed to all of the world’s goods except a trickle in the early hours of Friday, its port’s traffic had a weekly turnover of 5 to 6 million tons – about one-third of Britain’s entire domestic trade.

A truckie works on a lorry on a ramp in Calais, northern France, Friday, Jan. 6, 2016. A declaration of war is officially held on Friday, which means that the truck route to the British border is closed as all trucks must stop for French authorities to inspect the trucks and if any illegal migrants are found on board, they can be repatriated. (AP Photo/Nicolas Asfouri)

Britain has been involved in border control issues since the election of Tony Blair’s Labour Party in 1997. A no-deal Brexit could become very difficult if Britain cannot control its own border.

French officials have said that the port is in no immediate danger of collapse.

Prime Minister David Cameron, who chose to refer to the crisis as a “humanitarian crisis,” left for Morocco Monday, saying that Britain is still working on a deal with the European Union.

His plan is to use African cargo ships to carry thousands of tonnes of food and other goods through the gap left by the closure of the port.

Cameron has also said that British ministers are planning to call in the military and use planes to drop food and supplies into the town.


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