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Family Lines Free For PC (April-2022)

Your family name lives on through history!
Family Lines organizes your family trees and keeps track of important details about each person in your family like names, family histories, and more.
-Male and female relatives included and easily add children to your family tree.
-Record entire relationships between the people you add and their children and grandchildren.
-Add the most important information about your family in the one place.
-GEDCOM allows import of external info such as birth certificates and marriage licenses.
-Pitfall-free import of genealogy software with intuitive user interface.
Don’t wait for your family to organize itself!
Your name lives on through history. Start today by organizing your family tree and adding every person in the family. Find out how many siblings and children you have, the ages and genders of your family members, and tons more.
What can you do with your family tree?
-Organize your family history chronologically.
-Estimate family relationships in Genealogy.
-Find the most important people in your family.
-Find and display your ancestors.
-Find and display your relatives by ethnicity.
-Locate your family members in the real world.
-Find your forefathers and foremothers.
-Record your entire family’s vital information in one place.
Who can use Family Lines?
-For beginners and newbies.
-For anyone needing a solid tool to organize the family history and keep track of their family members.
-For anyone who needs to organize their entire family history in one place.
What are the features of Family Lines?
-Create families and add people to your family tree.
-Find your ancestors in the real world.
-Create family relationships between your people.
-Discover your family’s ethnicity.
-Organize all your family history chronologically.
-Find and display your relatives by ethnicity.
-Organize your names using patterns.
-View genetic data.
-Find your forefathers and foremothers.
-Record your entire family’s vital info in one place.
-Locate your family members in the real world.
-Find birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death records.
-Edit family members, relationships, and photos.
-Discover your family’s genealogy and ancestry.
-iOS: 4.0 or later
-iPhone or

Family Lines Crack (Latest)

* Family Lines Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a user-friendly and intuitive family tree app for large family groups. It is developed for the iPad, but also works on iPhone and iPod.
* Family Lines supports Family.Show and GEDCOM data import.
* Family Lines is an ideal tool for family tree managers of large families. It can keep count of all their ancestors, living relatives, and all the extra information about them that you would like.
* With Family Lines, you can add, edit, and delete nearly any aspect of your family.
* You can create and manage your family tree in the most intuitive way possible, and add all your relatives in a matter of a few clicks.
* Family Lines allows you to sort your data via a simple drag and drop feature.
* You can edit each and every detail about your family, from birthdate to current residence, and even add in a history of your family.
* You can even add researchers who have written about your family’s genealogy, and see a summary of all the research that has been done.
* You can use it on the go with Family Lines for iPad, meaning that you can have it anywhere, even if you don’t have the complete tree on your iPad or iPhone. You can start creating your tree at home, and instantly continue it when you are away from your computer or phone.
* If you are looking for a sophisticated and easy way to manage your family tree, then Family Lines is the answer.
* Family Lines requires iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system. You can find it in the App Store.
Like it? Love it? Head over to the Apple Store to get your copy!
If you have any queries, comments, or requests, drop me a line!

EDIT: I just released a new standalone Family Lines app for iPhone/iPad. Check it out!
Edit 2: For those of you who have reached the end of this post and are interested in our recent updates and new features, check out our blog post!

Relatively easy to use. Works like a charm. Displaying the family tree is clear and if you’re entering

Family Lines Crack License Key Full (2022)

Family Lines is a family organizing app that helps users construct family trees in a very intuitive manner.
Discover your family history
Add and edit family members and their basic data right away in the main window. You can start building a new family tree and add people around them. Once you enter your basic data in the main window, you can later on add siblings, parents, cousins, and so on via the ‘Create Relationship’ button.
Edit family members
Every person introduced in the family tree can be edited and his information changed via some quick and accessible buttons right next to the family tree window. Photos, citations, history, and relationships can be further altered once new data is provided. This way, Family Lines allows you to create really rich family trees complete with lots of text and visual data.
Import GEDCOM/Family.Show
Importing GEDCOM can be done via the app’s feature of importing GEDCOM or pasting in plain text. Family Lines can also save your own work to GEDCOM file format.
Historical data
If your family has some historic lineage, you can add researchers who wrote about your family. This will include the name of the book and the author of the biography. You can also import historical data via Family.Show.
Community discussion
If you like to see some more extensive statistics about your family, like gender distribution, living status, and age distributions, Family Lines will offer extensive graphic charts with all the details you need.
Genetic cousin match
If you are from a large family and are curious about where the closest genetic cousin is, you can find this through the family tree in the app.
Import data from other apps
Family Lines is currently the only family tree organizing app that imports data from other genealogy apps. You can import data from TheGenealogist, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and RootsMagic.

6 Reviews for Family Lines

5 out of 5

April 5, 2018

By Hanky

After searching for nearly a decade to find a database software (File format used by GEDCOM), today my family’s history became available after using this app. With the help of a tech guy, my genealogy was nearly completely inaccessible! I’m so excited to find this software.


What’s New In Family Lines?

Family Lines is an app for organizing your family tree. You can add your family members and be able to keep track of their surnames, locations and ages. You can also keep track of marriages and kids and get a summary of your family tree.
• Add your family members
• Add your mother, father, grand parents and grandparents
• Add siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles
• Add citations and photos for each family member
• Create and keep notes about each member
• View a detailed family overview with detailed charts
• Import family names and create a family tree
• Import surnames, location and birthdates from family tree programs like Family.Show, GEDCOM and old Family Tree Maker files
• Export tree to Family Tree Maker files
• Export tree to CSV file
• Export names as CSV file
• Export names and dates as CSV file
• Convert tree in to GEDCOM or Family.Show format
• Export Google spreadsheets, CSV files and tables
• View a summary of names, geographics, history and living status of your family
• View a detailed family overview with many charts and graphs
• Edit family members with nice graphical interfaces
• Option to view names and find which letter in a name goes to which number in alphabetical order
• Compare different versions of family members
• Option to change the font, size, line and background colors, even for user defined fonts.

The family timeline is in the top left hand corner.
Click on a person to select them.
Click on the number above them to select
Click on the pencil on the right to edit the person.
Once edit mode is on a persons information will be displayed in blue along with a pencil icon. Clicking on the pencil icon will display a menu of all the options.
To add a family member click the small pencil icon.
To select a family member click the pencil icon on the right and choose from the menu.
Click the check mark to confirm the edit.
To remove a family member click the pencil icon and choose remove from menu.
Click the history button to view a list of edits.

The family timeline is in the top left hand corner.
Click on a person to select them.
Click on the number above them to select
Click on the pencil on the right to edit the person.
Once edit mode is on a persons information will be displayed in blue along with a pencil icon. Clicking on the

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher.
Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.
PC resolution of 800×600 or greater.
iPhone or iPad (iOS 10 or higher).
Recommended System Specs:
CPU: Dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo or Quad-core AMD Phenom II.
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 4500, ATI Radeon HD 2600, or Intel HD Graphics 4000 series.
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.
Storage: 1

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