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Cliff & His Friends Camping is a 1937 American film directed by D. Ross Lederman and starring Bob Steele, Scotty Beckett and Betty Garrett.

Plot summary

Bob Steele as Bob Steele
Scotty Beckett as Sammy Farlow
Betty Garrett as Betty
Guy Usher as Sam
Richard Lane as Sheriff Harding
Grant Mitchell as Lars
Katherine DeMille as Mrs. Frank Delaney
Artie Young as Henchman
Russell Hicks as Henchman


External links

Category:1937 films
Category:American films
Category:American black-and-white films
Category:English-language films
Category:Films directed by D. Ross Lederman
Category:1930s Western (genre) comedy films
Category:Crown International Pictures films

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Developed by Frank Darabont and produced by Universal Cable Productions, the series is produced by AMC Studios and executive produced by Frank Darabont, Ricard Boseman, Dave Alpert, Andrew Code, Simon Mattacks, Gale Anne Hurd and Greg Nicotero.
The series premiered on AMC in October 2005, and aired for seven seasons. It was renewed for a ninth season in December 2014, the same year that The Walking Dead comic series reached #1 on The New York Times bestseller list, and was also noted by critics as one of the best series of all time in many polls.
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This slogan also appears in the show’s title, which is often spoken by one of the characters.
The series provides a variety of interpretations of the events of the apocalypse, and has been cited as the “anti-big-hero” story.
The series features highly regarded and talented guest stars, including Christopher Eccleston, David Morrissey, Michael Cudlitz, Jon Bernthal,

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