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NameTobari 2: Dream Ocean
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Platforms: PC

*NOTE* Redox is now available on both Steam and Android devices as “Redox: The Game”. If you already purchased the game on one platform, the game is already downloaded and ready to play on the second platform.Q:

Change Pandas default datetime column back to numeric

I am using Pandas to read several files with a bunch of different dates in them. They are dates that were originally produced as strings, so Pandas knows they are datetime64 dtype. However, the dates are now floating point numbers, so when I read them they appear as 2 significant figures.
How can I change the default dtype of a datetime64 column to integer or something similar?
Note that I am using df = pd.read_csv(…), so it is specifically a Pandas option.
Using pandas 1.0.1 with Python 2.7.3


You can use the parameter dtype on read_csv:

What version of pandas are you using? Make sure you’re using the most recent version.
If you are not using version 1.0.1, check for a newer version of Pandas.


Add a method to a class on runtime in C#

I need to add methods to a class on runtime, without modifying source code of it. I could not find anything useful. Please let me know if you have any hint or suggestion


You should use one of the various dynamic libraries for this purpose.


If you know exactly what you want to do then you can provide a method that gets called.
public sealed class Foo
public void Bar(object param)
// do something

void MyMethod()
Foo myFoo = new Foo();

This obviously has huge security implications, but if you know exactly what you want to do then this should help.

Arrays are so


Features Key:

  • All Japan Champion Tournament with over 15
    high-level complete characters.
  • Main game and e+ mode.
    Basics, Music, PvE, PvA.
  • Ultra sound and battle stages for Mobile Mode.


Tobari 2: Dream Ocean Crack + Torrent Download [Win/Mac]

Tobari is back in this timeless classic from Desunoya. With her fully upgraded staff in hand, she must use her magic to travel to the Dream Ocean and help the sea dwellers. In order to do this she’ll have to traverse the ocean floors and aid the denizens of the ocean as she ventures further. However, is this all the ‘Dream Ocean’ has in store for Tobari?Features
Classic platformer action from Desunoya!
Over 30 types of magic at your disposal
Over 48 stages and 6 worlds to explore
Game too challenging? Play in Enjoy Mode and never worry about another pitfall again!
About Desunoya:
Desunoya is a platformer developer based in the UK, with the dream of creating the next great platformer. Check out their site at
For full information on how to contact us, visit
We also have a twitter at @desunoyaHQ, and you can find us

As the third game of the Kraken series (Original game released in 2013, sequel released in 2014), it’s time for a new adventure for this platform-puzzler! Face the Kraken horde for the third time, this time with an eerier tale of a Kraken-filled place. Now with VR support too!Features
A fast-paced mashup of 3D platforming, puzzles and VR support.
It’s time to face the Kraken again!
Compatible with Steam VR – watch the the VR introduction video here:
More information on our website:
Other Kraken Games:
Kraken 2
Kraken 3
Kraken VR
Kraken Catch – PlayStation Portable Version
Kraken Gamecube
Kraken Game Boy Advance
Kraken Game Cube (Super Game Boy System)
Kraken 3DS
Kraken Wii

A new update is available! This update adds the added the new region, the heavy snow area as well as some additional updates. Please visit the official YouTube channel for more information:


Tobari 2: Dream Ocean Crack + Free [2022-Latest]

In the middle of the night, Tobari is woken up by the sound of a voice. It’s calling to her from across the sea. Before she knows it, she’s facing a barrage of monsters from the ocean and must use her staff to help her survive. She’ll use her staff to attack enemies by hitting them with their own attacks, from hitting a spear to hitting a shark with a fire spell, to trying to knock a whale into a whirlpool. And don’t worry if you’re hit by attacks from the enemy, you can keep using your staff as long as you’re not knocked out of the battle. Features:

11 different types of attacks – Fire, Wind, Thunder, Ice, Water, Earth, Lightning, Shadow, Electric, Fireball, and Spear – each attack has it’s own chance to hit and power up

4 different levels in 3 worlds to complete!

5 difficulty modes to unlock to allow for a ‘just right’ experience

Standout features:

Challenge Mode – won’t be able to continue unless you can beat the difficulty you currently are on

Enemy Attack Meter – hit an enemy and they will begin taking damage until you are struck, this also applies to your own attacks

Health System – hit an enemy and it will drain Tobari’s health meter. Once the meter is at zero, your character will be knocked out. If Tobari is knocked out, you will be put into an ‘overkill’ mode where you will start a new game with a couple of bars of health.

Enemy Stat Transfer – if Tobari’s health is low, she may be hit by an attack from an enemy. If this happens, the enemy attack will deal a good amount of damage to Tobari if it connects. However, if Tobari is standing next to her staff when this happens, the damage will be reduced to half.

Progressive Magical Potentials – Tobari’s magic will continually increase in potency. If she is unable to cast a spell when the meter is full, her next spell will be 5% stronger than her previous attempts, up to a max of 100% for the strongest spell available.

Enemy Damage Waves – when Tobari is hit, the damage will be distributed evenly to the ground behind her, so if she moves she may find herself taking damage from enemies she is not facing.

Collectable – when Tob


What’s new in Tobari 2: Dream Ocean:

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